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 How to Register for a CPDT Training Class in Osprey Ascend


To access and register for a CPDT Training Class in Osprey Ascend, follow these steps: 

From the myWings home page, click on Training & Development (small left menu)


Training and Training Development Picture  


Click Employee Training

 Employee Training Picture

 Click Osprey Ascend


Osprey Ascend Picture with Red Arrow  


 From the Osprey Ascend Welcome Page, click the Events Calendar tile.

Find the class you are looking for. Note: you might need to change the calendar month at top of page.


 Events Calenar red arrow 

Hover over a class to read a detailed description.


 Description of Class

 To Register for class, click on class title, Click blue button, Request.


 Request Button (2)


System will refresh, you will see a pop up that says, You have successfully request to session details. Blue box should now say View Training Details. You can confirm registration by going back to Osprey Ascend Home page and click the tile, View My Transcript and there you can check status of registration under the class you just requested, should read Status: Registered. Within 5 to 10 minutes you should receive a Registration Confirmation email, saying Congratulations you have successfully registered for the following training session with a Outlook Calendar invite to which you can click Accept, top right hand corner. If you do not receive an email then something went wrong and you are not registered.