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Resources of the Student Ombudsman's Office

Your responsibilities are not to diagnose or provide therapy; it is the development of a compassionate and forthright conversation that ultimately helps a student in trouble find understanding, support, and the proper therapeutic resources.

Facts about the Student Ombudsman Office:

The Student Ombudsman helps students make their academic career at UNF successful. The Ombudsman provides UNF students with a safe, confidential space to bring questions and concerns about University rules, policies, or procedures, and provides advice to students to help them develop strong and effective working relationships with faculty and staff at the University. The Ombudsman assists students by considering all sides of an issue in an impartial and objective way, and then advises on how to respond to the issues presented.


The Student Ombudsman is here to help any student in need, but is not the same as a student advocate. The only thing the Ombudsman advocates for is fairness. The Ombudsman can help students decide what to do in resolving their problems and give advice, but cannot guarantee that everything will work out to their satisfaction. Sometimes the role the Ombudsman plays is educational, making sure that students understand the policies and procedures so that they can avoid similar issues in the future. Finally, the Ombudsman does not have decision-making authority and cannot tell any staff, administrator or faculty member what to do.

Common concerns the Ombudsman helps students address:

  • Notifying faculty members regarding student absences for medical illness or other emergency
  • Academic concerns as a result of medical illness
  • Academic concerns that have resulted from a student experiencing an unforeseen extenuating circumstance (death in the family, loss of employment, call to military, auto accident, etc.)
  • Grade appeals
  • Student conflicts with instructors, staff, processes or departments
  • Student-to-student issues and conflicts
  • Academic integrity issues
  • Factors affecting enrollment and academic success
  • Financial concerns
  • Academic policy issues
  • Anything else of a non-legal nature


To refer a student to the Student Ombudsman, give the student the Ombudsman' email, phone number and location. The Ombudsman does take walk-ins, makes appointments, and can even address some matters over the phone. The Ombudsman is located in the Dean of Students Office in Building 2, Suite 1011. Phone (904) 620-1491.