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Resources of Student Health Services (SHS)

Your responsibilities are not to diagnose or provide therapy; it is the development of a compassionate and forthright conversation that ultimately helps a student in trouble find understanding, support, and the proper therapeutic resources.

Facts about health services on campus:

Health professionals at Student Health Services (SHS) are not just physicians, nurses, and support staff, they are also university/college employees with vested interest in the student's feeling better, learning something about their ailments, and succeeding in their academic performance.


Students have different needs than traditional patients. They are more apt to want immediate service, lower costs, and a need to understand health care beyond simply treating their current illness. Within a team approach, SHS supports student retention and academic success by providing acute primary medical care.

The following comprehensive healthcare is provided to registered students:

  • General Medicine: Students with medical problems are diagnosed and treated on an appointment basis. Referrals to outside providers are made when necessary.
  • Physical Exams: Students requiring a physical exam prior to admittance to a school program can have a physical exam done at SHS for a nominal fee.
  • Women's Clinic: These services include PAP smears, family planning education and counseling, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy testing, and other women's health issues.
  • Confidential HIV testing and counseling are available. A referral may be made to Department of Recreation & Wellness for Free Anonymous HIV Testing at (904) 620-1570.
  • Digital imaging (x-ray)
  • Routine labwork. They also perform specimen collections for more sophisticated procedures and send them to a reference lab for testing.
  • Travel Health Clinic for those traveling abroad.
  • Other Services: Immunizations clearance, insurance, first aid, health education resources, nutritional counseling, and weight and blood pressure screenings are also available.

Students may visit Student Health Services as many times per semester as needed, with no office visit charge. However, students are charged for items such as physical exams, laboratory, and procedures. These charges are significantly lower than charges for comparable services provided in the private sector. In the event that the required health care a student needs is not available at SHS, the student is referred to a qualified outside agency for treatment. Here are a few examples of specialty referrals; orthopedics, dermatology, pain management, physical therapy, dental, and vision.

Tips when speaking with a student:

  • Speak to the student in private about your concerns.
  • Advise the student all information they share with SHS is confidential.
  • Refer the student to Student Health Services in the Brooks College of Health, Bldg. 39a, Room 2098 or (904) 620-2900.