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Resources for Awareness of Cultural Differences

Your responsibilities are not to diagnose or provide therapy; it is the development of a compassionate and forthright conversation that ultimately helps a student in trouble find understanding, support, and the proper therapeutic resources.


The Intercultural Center for Promotion, Education, and Advancement of Cultures and Ethnicities (ICP) strives to provide support for traditionally underrepresented students at the University of North Florida. Our purpose is to promote student learning and development through purposeful programming with the different cultural groups. We provide services to all students but mainly the African American Student Union, the Latin American Student Organization, the African Student Association, Native Americans, and Asian Students in Alliance on UNF's campus.

Facts about the impact of cultural differences:

As college campuses are becoming increasingly diverse, many students find it difficult to step outside of what is familiar and interact with students of different races, religions, classes, abilities or sexual orientations. Race, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds are important to keep in mind as you help a distressed student. Reactions to racism can affect the way in which emotional distress is manifested and also can impact help-seeking behavior.


Some examples of barriers to seeking help are: denial, fear of being labeled in a negative way and lack of information about campus resources. Moreover, for most student groups support is the answer. Communications support, empathy, and active listening are critical in reaching students who feel isolated and marginalized. It is important as university employees to take every complaint seriously and understand when a student needs someone to confide in or needs someone to help them navigate barriers they may be experiencing in college.


Your sensitivity to the unique needs of students of color, non-traditional-aged college students, and other underrepresented groups, can be important in helping students get assistance. Furthermore, being knowledgeable about campus resources that address the unique needs of underrepresented students is important.


Intercultural Center for PEACE (ICP), (904) 620-2475

International Center, (904) 620-2657

Office of Equal Opportunity and Inclusion, (904) 620-2513

President's Commission on Diversity and Inclusion, (904) 620-2507