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The Student who may be a Target of Harassment or Stalking

Your responsibilities are not to diagnose or provide therapy; it is the development of a compassionate and forthright conversation that ultimately helps a student in trouble find understanding, support, and the proper therapeutic resources.

Facts about harassment and stalking:

Harassment is defined as acts that are offensive, annoying, threatening, hostile or disturbing. Stalking is the following or harassment of an individual that instills feelings of fear or danger. Stalkers often have an irrational obsession with the victim and try to gain power and omnipotence through control and intimidation. Stalking behavior includes: trailing the victim, harassment via phone, text, email, and letters, unwanted gifts, and unwanted attentiveness. Stalkers can be male or female and targets can be of the same or opposite sex. Stalking may be connected to dating violence. Stalking can escalate to the person damaging property such as a vehicle, residence and other property.

What you can do:

  • Advise the student to contact the UNF Police Department (904) 620-2800.
  • Advise the student to document ALL contacts (e.g., texts, posts on social media, letters, e-mails and in person contacts).
  • Refer the student to the Counseling Center (904) 620-2602 and/or the Women's Center (904) 620-1010 for support.
  • Advise the student to take precautions to enhance safety, including a change in routine travel routes and schedules.
  • Advise the student that they can request a Police Escort at any point in time by calling: (904) 620-2800.
  • Inform the student that they may file a report with the Title IX Administrator (904) 620-2513 to begin an investigatory process
  • Be aware of the campus Sexual Misconduct Regulation, including what your campus crime reporting responsibilities and duties may be, as an university employee.

For Everyone:

If someone threatens you verbally by phone, physically or electronically by mail, text, email or via some form of social media (e.g., Facebook): contact the police in your local police department's jurisdiction. These contacts should be referred to your local police department. Mail, phone calls, texts and emails received on campus should be referred to the UNF Police Department (904) 620-2800.


DO NOT DELETE these emails, texts, voicemails, instant messages, pictures, letters, etc.


If you know the identity of the student making these threats, please contact the Dean of Students (904) 620-1491 for additional assistance.