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Open Studio Group

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Open Art Therapy Studio. Participate anytime! Any student may participate, art supplies are provided and regular attendance is not required!


Open Studio Group

The Open Studio Group will be available weekly. Any student may participate. Art supplies are provided. It is not required for one to attend regularly. Students can choose to participate any time open studio is offered.


Many people have never heard of the phrase "open art therapy studio." There tends to be some confusion about what makes this type of therapy group different from other groups, and what the "open" part is all about.


In general, closed art therapy groups refer to groups that are made up of specific clients who have made a commitment to come on a weekly basis. Although some groups allow clients to join during the second or third session, most are solidified by that time. Closed groups tend to have a set amount of time that they will meet. These groups are often created with a specific focus such as processing trauma, identity exploration, managing anxiety, etc. Also, closed art therapy group art experientials are often more specific - meaning that the art therapist provides a specific art directive for that session.The directive may be the exploration of a specific theme, such as "create an image of what your anxiety looks like."


Open studio art therapy groups usually do not have a set of specific criteria for who may participate. During most open studios, participants choose the materials as well as the theme of the artwork themselves. However, the art therapists may also offer participates a choice of specific art therapy directives.


The Open Studio model of art therapy is aligned with the "Art as Therapy" approach. In this approach the making of the art itself is therapeutic and can be self-soothing. There is not an expectation the piece created will be processed by the group as it typically is in the "Art as Psychotherapy" model. This model is used in the closed art therapy groups described above.