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When To Pay

A student becomes liable for his or her tuition upon registration. Payment for classes added after the initial payment due date are due immediately. There is a $100 fee assessed for late payment of fees. Pay early to avoid longer lines or pay online by debit or credit card or with an e-check via the myWings web portal. Enter your bank routing number and account number (please verify the routing and account numbers before continuing). Returned e-checks may be assessed a service charge and a late payment fee, if restitution is not remitted by the close of business on the payment due date.

Please note that payment by credit card can only be made via the myWings web portal. We do not take debit or credit card payments at the Student Financial Services Office. Domestic credit cards have a 2.75 percent and international credit cards have a 4.25 percent non-refundable convenience fee based on the amount charged for use of debit/credit cards for online payments.

Students may pay tuition and other fees, housing charges, CDRC invoices, library fines and miscellaneous charges in person at the Student Financial Services Office, in the drop box, by mail or online.  The office does not accept cash payments.

Click here for 2022-2023 Scheduled Payment Deadlines

Late Payment Fee/Drop for Non-Payment

A student becomes liable for his or her tuition upon registration. Tuition payments must be received in the Student Financial Services Office by the published payment deadline to be considered on time. Postmarks are not considered. Tuition payments received after the published deadlines are late and the account may be assessed a $100 late payment fee and/or run the risk of being administratively dropped for non-payment. Check payments returned unpaid by the bank after the payment deadline will be assessed the $100 late payment fee.

Financial Holds

Students at the University of North Florida are expected to take responsibility for being aware of the payment deadlines and debt owed at all times. This information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online. Students that owe money to the University of North Florida will have a hold placed on their account. This hold will prevent the student from routine administrative functions such as registering for classes and receiving grades, transcripts or diploma. The hold will not be removed until all debts are paid in full. Students should allow a minimum of two business days for holds to be released. Holds are not released immediately upon payment; it is an overnight process. Other offices also place holds on accounts. The myWings web portal will identify the office and phone number to call for holds placed on your account.


Payment for tuition is due by the published deadline. Students whose account is not paid in full after 90 days may have their account sent to a collection agency, with additional collection fees up to 33 1/3 percent added to the account. If the account is sent to a collection agency, the student will be required to pay the balance in full with the collection agency. Please note that payments made to the agency in one month will be sent to the University the following month. All litigation of disputes of these charges will be conducted in Duval County, Florida.

For additional information, questions or concerns, please contact us.