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UNF MyWings Navigation Guide: Online W-2 Wage and Tax Statement

This manual is a guide to access UNF employee's W-2 Wage and Tax Statement.

  1. Enter your UNF Login ID and Password in UNF's myWings webpage; click the Login button or press the enter key on your keyboard.

    Enter ID and Password
  2. Click the Staff link.

    Staff Tab
  3. Under the My Applications channel, click the "W-2 Statement" link.

    W2 Statement
  4. If a security warning dialog box appears, click the Yes button to continue.

    Security Dialog Box

  6. The Select W-2 webpage will appear. Click the Tax Year dropdown list to select the W-2 year; the Employer or Institution should default to the appropriate information, i.e., University of North Florida. Click the Display button to continue.Select W2 YearSelect Display Button


  8. If you have not provided electronic W-2 consent as required by the Internatl Revenue Service or had previously revoked consent, the following dialog box message will appear. Click the OK button to continue which will take you to the Electronic W-2 consent webpage. Please refer to the myWings Online W-2 Consent Guide, steps 5 and 6. If you elect not provide consent, click the Cancel button. You will not be able to continue and view your online W-2 form. Select Ok or Cancel Button


  9. If you provided consent, this will show your W-2 wage and tax statement. Note that the W-2 wage and tax statement below is a representation of the actual W-2 wage and tax statement form. To obtain the actual W-2 wage and tax statement used for your tax filing, click the "Print" button.

    Select the Print Button
  10. The Print W-2 Verification webpage will appear. Enter your UNF network password and click the Submit button to continue. Enter Password and Select Submit Button
  11. This will now show your W-2 wage and tax statement in a separate webpage and a true representation of the wage and tax statement, which is in compliance with Internal Revenue Service's tax form guidelines, and can be printed and used to file your annual tax return.

    Actual W2 Form

  12. To print your W-2 Tax Statement, on the Toolbar, click File and Print. Depending on your printer's setting/capability, if the W-2 Tax Statement does not print out completely, i.e., edges are cutoff, etc., change the print orientation setting from Portrait to Landscape.

For further questions regarding the Electronic W-2 Wage and Tax Statement, please contact the UNF Payroll Office at (904) 620-2984, (904) 620-2706 or