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UNF MyWings Navigation Guide: Online W-2 Consent Form

This manual is a guide to access UNF employee's W-2 consent form.


1. Enter your UNF Login ID and Password in UNF's myWings webpage; click the Login button or press the enter key on your keyboard.

unf myWings login with Username and password entry boxes

2. Navigate to the tile that says "Employee Resources".

myWings page with employee resource tile highlighted

3. On the Employee Resource Page, third item down, click on Employee Self-Service

employee resources menu with employee self service highlighted

4. On the Employee Services page, bottom of page click on tax forms

UNF employee services menu with tax forms link highlighted

5. On the tax form page, at the top of the page, click on Electronic W-2 Consent

UNF Tax Forms menu with Electronic W2 consent form link highlighted

6. If security warning box appears, click yes tab

security warning asking if this is a trusted site with yes and no options

7. On the page for Electronic Regulatory Consent, you will need to click "submit" tab at bottom of page and "my choice" tab located above the submit tab.

UNF electronic regulatory consent page with option to receive and submit button highlighted

You will see the Electronic W-2 Consent information and form. Carefully read the Electronic W-2 consent statement. To consent to receiving your W-2 tax statement in electronic form, click the "My Choice" check box and then click the "Submit" button.


You will receive a system generated email confirming your election to receive your W-2 electronically. Note that the consent is valid for all subsequent tax years unless revoked by you, upon termination from the University of North Florida or this service is not supported in a future given tax year.


For further questions regarding the Electronic W-2 consent, please contact the UNF Payroll Office at (904) 620-2984, (904) 620-2706 or