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Accounts Payable Lists

Invoice Standards

Invoice Date: The date listed on the vendor's invoice or the request date of the direct pay invoice.


Transaction Date: The current date.


Payment Due Date:Three to ten days after the Transaction Date, based on how long it takes the back-up to be received in Accounts Payable.


Vendor Invoice Number: The number listed on the vendor's invoice, if none provided the number assigned by the dept. using the following formula:

  1. The first 3 characters of the invoice number should be the payee's initials.
    1. For individuals, this includes the first initial of the first name, the first initial of the middle name and the first initial of the last name. If a middle initial is not available, this character should be excluded.
      1. Example: John Little Smith should appear as JLS.
    2. For corporations, this includes the first three letters of the company's name.
      1. Example: Dell Corporation should appear as DEL.
    3. The next (6) characters will be the date of the transaction (MMDDYY).
      1. Example: March 1, 2008 will appear as 030108

Banner Invoice Number: The Banner assigned invoice # starting with an "I".

Frequently Used Account Codes

Direct Pay Expenses

Athletic Game Officials 721005/721006
Background Screenings 771002
Catering and Food Products 771004
Courier Service 771006
Employee Reimbursements of Moving Expense – Non Taxable 771028
Employee Reimbursements of Moving Expense –Taxable 771030
Employee Advertising Bills 771012
Entertainment Contracts 771008
Foreign Travel – Meals 772304
Foreign Travel – Lodging 772305
Foreign Travel – Common Carrier 772306
Freight 771006
Gasoline Credit Card Payments for State Vehicles 740012
Inter-library Loans/Library Vouchers 798100
Medical Expenses for Student Athletes 771032
Memberships 771001
In State Travel – Registration, Misc 772100
In State Travel – Meals 772104
In State Travel – Lodging 772105
In State Travel – Common Carrier 772106
Out of State Travel – Registration, Misc 772200
Out of State Travel – Meals 772204
Out of State Travel – Lodging 772205
Out of State Travel – Common Carrier 772206
Payments to Research Subjects 771025
Postmaster Payments 771000
Registration Only – On Campus 771903
Subscriptions 771012
Third Party Payments for International Travel 772300
Bottles Water Service 771031
Office Equipment 740002
Office Supplies, Paper Products, Signs/Materials 740001
Rentals for Space and Building 771900
Telephone 732001