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Controller's Office Payments and Tax Information for International Persons

The following information is offered as a resource to the University community and any international persons that may be visiting the University as a short term scholar, guest lecturer, or as a student receiving a scholarship.   This information is not intended to be considered as tax advice and is offered as an means of providing general information to our University and guests for the sole purpose of determining the University’s responsibility with regard to payments and tax reporting that the University must provide to both State and Federal agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service.


The information herein may not cover each individual’s circumstances and accordingly may require specific review of the situation to determine any requirements that need to be met. Individuals or University staff members should contact the University Payroll Department in the Controller’s Office for guidance regard to questions related to employment or taxes withheld from scholarship payments, wages paid through payroll, or payments made to independent contractor such as honorariums for a guest lecturer.  However, we may not provide advice on tax and you may wish to consult with an individual tax consultation on tax issues.


Who needs to know this information?

  1. University Departments that may invite a person from a foreign country to visit UNF as a Short term scholars, guest lecturer or researcher.  
  2. International persons hired by the University  
  3. Foreign visitors  
  4. Students.  

Please review to the other links for more specific information dealing with the documentation requirements for employment, student awards,and taxation issues for international persons.  We're here to assist you so if after you review the information contained on this website, you would like additional information you may make an appointment  or contact the University's Payroll Department.  




Deborah Deal

Payroll Coodinator

(904) 620-2984


Meredith Hixson 

Payroll Accountant

(904) 620-2992


Miguel Gabertan  

Assistant Controller - Payroll and Property

(904) 620-2715


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