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Training Institute Talking Series

Each semester, the Office of Student Accountability & Resolution (OSAR) hosts a series of events, The Talking Series, where we discuss difficult topics and current events issues such as Civil Discourse, Conflict Resolution, Healthy Relationships, and more. The main goal of our Talking Series is to provide the University of North Florida community with opportunities to learn more about student conduct issues that our office sees on a weekly basis.


We enjoy partnering with other departments around campus, to get everyone involved in these important discussions. We need to be open with each other and have conversations focused on topics that could be viewed as "more difficult" and The Talking Series is here to help implement that onto the UNF campus.

This Semester's Talking Series Events:

March 10 at 2pm:  The Power of Letting Go

 “When you let go, you live intuitively with a great deal more ease and flow because you are no longer attached to things begin a certain way, to being a certain person or always being right.” In this month’s talking series we will be discussing the key concepts presented by John Purkiss, author of “The Power of Letting Go”:
Be Present and Enjoy Each Moment

  • Let Go of the thoughts that keep you Stuck
  • Let Go of the Pain that Runs your Life
  • Surrender and Tune into Something Far More Intelligent than your Brain

Join us as we chat through each topic and share different tips and resources to support your “letting go” process.

March 30 at 7pm: From Sorority to Success: Womxn in Leadership

Come learn about the history of womxn in higher education and sorority life and see how these leaders represent their values in this partnership between the Office of the Dean of Students and the Panhellenic Council. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

April 21 at 1pm: Men on a Mission: Busting Myths About Gender Roles & Breaking the Cycle of Toxic Masculinity

 April is Sexual Assault Prevention Awareness Month and often programming is geared toward women, but that is only part of it. Join our Talking Series Event "Men on a Mission" to explore gender role myths and how we can all work together to prevent sexual assault.


Location: Via Zoom 917 2473 0289

The presentation portion of these Talking Series are recorded for educational/discussion purposes only. A copy of the video is available upon request.


Check out our Previous Talking Series Events page to see what we've talked about so far!