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Training Institute Talking Series

Each semester, the Office of Student Accountability & Resolution (OSAR) hosts a series of events, The Talking Series, where we discuss difficult topics and current events issues such as Civil Discourse, Conflict Resolution, Healthy Relationships, and more. The main goal of our Talking Series is to provide the University of North Florida community with opportunities to learn more about student conduct issues that our office sees on a weekly basis.


We enjoy partnering with other departments around campus, to get everyone involved in these important discussions. We need to be open with each other and have conversations focused on topics that could be viewed as "more difficult" and The Talking Series is here to help implement that onto the UNF campus.

This Semester's Talking Series Events:

August 31 at 2pm:  kNOw MORE: The Sexual Geography of Campus

“Sexual Geographies encompass the spatial context through which people move, and the peer networks that can regulate access to those spaces” (Hirsch & Khan, 2020).


Join us for a Red Zone Series conversation where we will be discussing what the Red Zone is, how our environment can influence certain behaviors, and learn more about how we can keep ourselves and others safe on and off campus. We will be joined by two great campus partners; Housing and Residence Life and University Police Department.

Sept 30 at 10 am: Know Your E.Q.

Join our September Talking Series Event with Rachel Winter, University Conduct Officer, where we talk will through the idea of emotional intelligence, empathy, and answer some interesting questions like: What does that EQ actually mean? How do we practice empathy? Is this a useful life skill? 

Oct 22 at 1pm: Candy & Kickoffs: Tricks for Staying Safe While Socializing

With the Florida-Georgia Game and Halloween happening the same weekend this year, that weekend may be your first time going to a major social event since COVID started or maybe even your first social event as a college student! Either way, it is important to know how to stay safe while having fun. Join our October Talking Series event featuring Student Health Services, where we'll talk a little about the history of Halloween and the Florida-Georgia Game as well as safety tips regarding ride shares, alcohol and other substances, safe sex & consent and more!

Nov 17 at 1pm: American Education Week: A Conversation

Educators come in all varieties, and sometimes we don't have a moment to take the time to appreciate them. Join OSAR for our November Talking Series event to celebrate American Education Week as we talk about the history of education and how education can have many definitions!


Via Zoom: 965 7435 7098




The presentation portion of these Talking Series are recorded for educational/discussion purposes only. A copy of the video is available upon request.


Check out our Previous Talking Series Events page to see what we've talked about so far!