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Student Rights and Resources

The Student Conduct Office at the University of North Florida is committed to transparency and accountability through our processes. Students at the University of North Florida have rights, responsibilities, and resources that are assigned to them through the Student Code of Conduct. The goal of the Student Conduct Office is to increase awareness and visibility of these rights, responsibilities, and resources so all students can be aware of, and utilize them before, during, and after the Conduct process.   


All students named in the Student Conduct Process have the following rights per the Student Code of Conduct:

  1. The right to ask questions at any time,
  2. The right to have an Advisor present and
  3. The right to confidentiality in accordance with FERPA.

Charged students (Respondents) and Victims have additional rights that are afforded to them which are:

  1. The right to appeal the outcome of the case and
  2. The right to have character statements/Victim impact statements heard.

Respondent Advisors


We recognize that not all Respondents have an individual who can serve as an Advisor in the conduct process, therefore they can seek out the assistance of Respondent Advisors (Staff and Faculty familiar with and trained in the Student Conduct Process). A Respondent can request a list of active Advisors via email, in-person or over the phone. The Advisor can be included or excluded from the process in whatever ways the Respondent deems fit, and will not serve in a decision-making capacity for the entirety of the Respondent’s case. We believe the Respondent Advisor role is beneficial to any and all students, however we strongly recommend them to students who may feel intimidated by the process, want their questions answered before their Conduct Review or have questions that were not answered on this web-site. 

Additional Resources

In addition to Respondent Advisors through the Student Conduct Office, we also partner with several campus resources to assist our students in navigating our process. A non-exhaustive list has been provided below, and we encourage students to explore these resources to understand how they relate to and are impacted by our office: