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Directions to the Office of Student Accountability & Resolution (OSAR)

UNF Campus Map 

Tom and Betty Petway Hall (Building 57) Campus Map Location

UNF Campus Map, Building 57 is circled with a red arrow pointing to building location


Navigating Petway Hall (Building 57)

Below are photos and written directions on how to arrive to the OSAR


Petway Hall (Building 57) Entrance


Enter from lake side, to access main entrance of Petway Hall, Building 57.
Facing Petway Hall Entrance from lake facing sidewalk with red arrow pointing to entrance door



Inside Petway Hall (Building 57) Main Entrance


Once in the building, head straight ahead down the hallway.
Inside Petway hall, red arrow points to entrance hallway straight ahead





At the end of the hallway, turn left.
End of the entrance hall, red arrow indicates turning left




From here, head to the second floor.
Door on the left will lead you to a staircase. Elevator can be found straight ahead.
Left arrow points to door for stairs access. Right red arrow points to elevator.



Second Floor of Petway Hall (Building 57)


Once on the second floor you will see a hallway.
If you take the stairs you will turn left, if you take the elevator you will turn right. 

Red arrow points down the hall way.




Follow the hallway down to the second door on right.
Two red arrows indicate second office door on right.




Second door on the right is the entrance to the OSAR. 

You have arrived!

Red arrow points to Student Conduct Office Door