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Previous Talking Series Events

The presentation portion of these Talking Series are recorded for educational/discussion purposes only. A copy of the video is available upon request.


Summer 2021

June 24 at 1pm: Post Traumatic Stress

June is PTSD Awareness month! Join us this month for our Talking Series where we will be raising awareness for PTSD, also known as posttraumatic stress disorder. We'll be talking about Post Traumatic Stress and Post Traumatic Growth with individuals sharing their first hand experience.  Join us via Zoom for the discussion.


Presented by Francesca Brant, Program Coordinator in collaboration with the Military Veterans Resource Center.


Spring 2021

January 22 at 1pm: Adulting 101

To get this Spring Semester started off on the right foot, join us for our January Talking Series to discuss "Adulting 101" and integrating into UNF, where we will cover all the basics of growing up and becoming an adult. 


Our two MSW interns/Support Specialists, Lori Ferguson and Hope Rendell, will be hosting this month's Talking Series and will help guide us all on where to start, when you're starting out!


Resources from this presentation: DoSomething.Org | UNF Career Success Center

February 12 at 11am: Treat Yo' Self

Celebrate love in the sweetest way, by taking care of you! Join us for our January Talking series where we will be discussing self-care, mindfulness, our biopsychosocial, and being comfortable with yourself!


Presented by Jocelyn Posos, Assistant Director and Francesca Brant, Program Coordinator.


Resources from this presentation: Headspace | Calm

March 12 at 1 PM: Be Bold. Be Heard. Bystander Intervention

Discuss safety measures & learn how to be a proactive bystander with the Victim Advocate, Whitney Washington and the University Conduct Officer, Rachel Winter.


Resources from this presentation: | Crime Junkie

April 9 at 1 PM: Creativity, Quarantine, and Summertime Sadness

April is National Poetry Month. Join OSAR as we take a look at our creative side and how this has been influenced by quarantine.


Presented by Carly Bengry, Hearing Coordinator and Rebecca Weiner, Office Manager

Resources from this presentation:  A History Of Quarantines Your Brain on Quarantine 



Fall 2020

September 30 at 1pm: Your Voice, Your Choice

In partnership with the Department of Diversity Initiatives, our Assistant Director will be co-discussing civil discourse, protesting, counter-protesting, and how to act with agency while still honoring the Student Code of Conduct. While DDI is our main partner in this event, we have also reached out to other organizations around campus to give their input as well.

Resources from Presentation

Policies, Regulations & Code: Policies and Regulations | Student Handbook | Housing and Residence Life Handbook

Student Engagement: Student Involvement Center | Student Government | Department of Diversity Initiatives | Residence Hall Association

Ways to Get Involved: | Register to Vote | | U.S. Vote Foundation

October 15 at 1pm: Conflict Resolution Day

It's Conflict Resolution Day! The Association for Conflict Resolution celebrates Conflict Resolution Day each year on the third Thursday of October, and so do we! Today the OSAR Program Coordinator will be having an open discussion on Conflict Resolution. This conversation will be focused on promoting awareness of our new Alternative Dispute Resolution Process and its potential resolution methods of Conflict Coaching, Facilitated Dialogue, and Mediation, while verbalizing that conflict can be a positive thing if dealt with in a peaceful and productive manner.

Resources from Presentation

Resources: Student Conduct - Alternative Dispute Resolution | Career Services | Counseling Center | University Police Department

Dale Eilerman, 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students:

November 18 at 3pm: Healthy Relationships

In November, we will be discussing healthy relationships. There are many different types of relationships, such as friendly, familial, or even working relationships. As we head into the holiday season our University Conduct Officer will be discussing how to deal with these types of relationships and why they are important.

Resources from Presentation

Resources: Alternative Dispute Resolution | UNF Housing and Residence Life | Discover Your Love Language | Victim Advocate Center

Off-campus: Hubbard House | Women's Center of Jacksonville | Micah's Place | Family Foundations