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Medical Amnesty Program

The University of North Florida (UNF) encourages a living and learning environment that promotes the health and safety of all members of the UNF community. Drug or alcohol consumption--including excessive consumption, consumption of a dangerous substance, or consumption by someone with sensitivity--can cause serious physical and neurological harm or be life-threatening. As such, students are encouraged to make responsible decisions and to seek medical attention in serious or life-threatening situations that result from alcohol and/or other drug abuse. Students are also encouraged to seek help for any situation where medical treatment is reasonably believed to be appropriate. 


If a student is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances to the point where s/he is unable to be awakened, letting that person “sleep it off” is not a reasonable alternative to getting him/her immediate medical help. Students may be hesitant to seek help in such emergencies because of fear of potential conduct and disciplinary consequences for themselves, the person in need of medical attention, or the organization hosting the event where the situation occurs.

If medical attention is required, students should immediately contact professional medical personnel (9-1-1). A student who seeks emergency assistance on behalf of him- or her- self, another student, or a friend experiencing an alcohol and/or other drug related emergency, along with the individual in distress, will not be subject to disciplinary action under the UNF Student Conduct Code, as explained below. Students may be asked to participate in an educational meeting.