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Training Institute: Development & Education

Every other week, the Office of Student Accountability and Resolution (OSAR) holds its Team meeting. In an effort to engage all members of the office, our administrative staff put together a Developmental and Educational piece to our biweekly Team meetings. Every other meeting is focused on an educational topic that one of the staff members presents on or a developmental topic that is more team-building focused.


The goal of our TIDE Series is to practice professional development within our office. We chose to have an educational piece to offer each office member a chance to share their experiences from Conferences attended or share their knowledge on other trainings they have attended. We chose to have a developmental piece to this series as well in order to build a better relationship with the office. The developmental part is designed to be more laid-back, while still engaging all members of the office.

Some of our topics this semester will be:


  • Gratitude + Meditation


  • Investigations + Professionalism
  • The New England Institute Conference
  • The ASCA Conference