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ADR Walk-In Appointments

Conflict can be anything from a miscommunication amongst roommates to a flat-out disagreement between co-workers. You can have a conflict with someone you just met or someone you have known your entire life. Conflict is everywhere and can involve anyone - the only time conflict is bad is when it is ignored.

Every Wednesday from 1p-4p, the Program Coordinator has set aside time for students to physically walk into the office or virtually set up a Zoom meeting to discuss our Alternative Dispute Resolution Program. Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, is a way to help empower students to resolve conflicts on their own and in a productive and meaningful manner. Each appointment time is scheduled for 30 minutes. The Program Coordinator will hear from students about what major conflicts they have in their lives and offer unique tools for students to use moving forward.

Schedule your appointment today to talk to our Program Coordinator about alternative ways to handle your conflict!

Schedule your appointment today!