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Compliance Matters 


UNF is committed to ensuring that our University community is governed in an ethical and honest manner. One element of an effective compliance program is the ability of employees and others in the campus community to anonymously report compliance and/or ethics problems or issues. While we encourage faculty and staff to raise issues of concern with their supervisors, we understand not all employees are comfortable doing so, and not all situations lend themselves to such conversations. In those instances, the UNF Ethics Hotline, a third-party reporting system through Lighthouse Services, Inc., allows you to report confidentially. 


We look forward to engaging you and others on campus as we develop the UNF Compliance and Ethics Program. Thank you for the opportunity to start this important work. 


Joann Campbell, Chief Compliance Officer

Taylor Hoffman, Compliance Office Graduate Assistant

Compliance Office Charter   

Compliance Ethics Program  

UNF Ethics Hotline


Compliance, Ethics and Risk Oversight Committee (CEROC)


The University’s Compliance, Ethics and Risk Oversight Committee (CEROC) has been established to oversee implementation of the UNF Compliance & Ethics program, to promote excellence in all University compliance and ethics activities, and to provide leadership and oversight of the University’s risk assessment processes. CEROC is advisory in nature, with Committee recommendations submitted directly to the President.

CEROC was established by the President to advise him on significant compliance and ethics issues and to provide leadership and oversight in the implementation and continuous improvement of the University’s C&E program. The Committee is a keystone to ensuring the University’s compliance activities and programs are reasonably designed and enforced.


CEROC members include representatives from a wide variety of departments across campus and is made up of the following individuals:


  •  Chief Compliance Officer, Co-Chair (Joann Campbell) 
  •  Director, Office of Internal Auditing, Co-Chair (Julia Hann) 
  •  Ethics Officer and Sr. General Counsel (Marc Snow) 
  •  VP and General Counsel (Karen Stone)  
  •  VP Human Resources (Rachelle Gottlieb) 
  •  VP Governmental Relations (Janet Owen)  
  •  AVP for Research and Sponsored Programs (John Kanter) 
  •  Director of Planning and Executive Assistant to the Provost (Marianne Jaffee)  
  •  AVP Administration and Finance (Scott Bennett)  
  •  AVP Student Affairs (Lucy Croft) 
  •  Chief Information Officer (Reggie Brinson) 
  •  Director, Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office (Cheryl Gonzalez) 
  •  AVP Enrollment Services (Albert Colom) 
  •  Faculty Association Representative (Judy Ochrietor) 
CEROC website  

CEROC bylaws 


Annual Security Report: How UNF is compliant with the Clery Act  

Enacted in 1990, as part of an amendment to the Higher Education Act, the Jeanne Clery Act is at the forefront of national campus safety and reporting measures. All colleges and universities that participate in federal financial aid programs are required to adhere to strict requirements outlined by the Cleary Act including an annual safety report, a crime log, timely warnings, and crime statistics on and near their respective campuses. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in a fine of $55,907 per infraction. Additionally, in March of 2013, President Barack Obama signed the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (VAWA), which, in turn, amended the Clery Act to require institutions to compile and disclose statistics for incidents of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. On October 1, 2017 University of North Florida’s Campus Safety Report for 2016 was published and includes all information required by the federal government. The report outlines all aspects of reporting crimes including information on emergency call boxes, designated Campus Security   Authorities, and resources available to victims. The 44-page report can be found online on the University Police Department (UPD) website and can also be requested for print by contact UPD, Martin P. Garris Building, Building 41, or by calling (904) 620-2800. The University of North Florida and the UPD is committed to proving a safe and welcoming environment for all students, faculty, and staff. The Annual Security Report is a reflection of how university leadership partners together to prevent crime and to remain compliant.    


2016 UNF Annual Security Report

Responsible Employee and Campus Security Authorities: How do they differ?

Responsible Employee (RE)

  •  All faculty, staff, and administrative positions are responsible employees.  
  • An RE must report any complaints/allegations of sexual misconduct and/or sexual harassment which they observe or which are reported to them to the university Title IX administrator.  
  • Title IX training is coordinated through the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity.  


Campus Security Authority (CSA)

Compliance Workshops

  • P-Card Banner Policies and Procedures Training (Online)   
  • Accepting Credit Card Payments: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Compliance
  • Information for UNF Search and Screen Committee Members 

                               List of courses offered  


Internal Auditors’ Insights 

Consulting in the New Year

Take Advantage of OIA’s Consulting Anytime! 

The Office of Internal Auditing (OIA) is a valuable resource for departments to utilize when reviewing current practices or implementing new procedures or systems. OIA can quickly help determine if there are key gaps in the internal control structure. Specifically, we advise on proper separation of duties, process maps, and provide tips to documenting and managing compliance to regulations. Feel free to contact OIA to provide consulting on your internal control practices anytime!  



Self-Assessment Checklist for Best Business Practices

Starting a new calendar year is a great time to take an inventory of practices and procedures within your offices.  The Office of Internal Auditing has developed a Self-Assessment Checklist for departments to quickly determine if they have procedures in place to meet standards for best business practices.  The checklist will help serve to reinforce basic internal controls that help us follow UNF policies.  This checklist will be available on the OIA webpage, and we encourage all Supervisors to talk through the checklist with their support staff.  While the checklist is not all inclusive and many departments will have more in-depth controls for their detailed operations, it will help determine if you are meeting basic business practices and serves as a reminder for strong internal controls within your department.  We hope departments find this tool helpful!


Internal Audit webpage