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Community Engagement

Educational Outreach

The University of North Florida has developed a wide range of programs designed to integrate and connect the university’s academic mission with community needs and issues. These are:

  • Jacksonville Commitment Initiative

    As a way to increase community access to and diversity in higher education in the Northeast Florida region, the presidents of Edward Waters College, Florida Community College at Jacksonville, Jacksonville University and the University of North Florida have agreed to offer scholarships to Duval County students who are eligible for the federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program and who meet the academic standards to attend their institutions.

  • Professional Development Schools

    UNF's program prepares new teachers by moving their courses to an inner-city school in Jacksonville. It places professors at four Duval County schools, where they teach UNF students on-site and helps with their one-on-one teaching with children.

  • High Impact Practices (HIPs)

    High-Impact Practices (HIPs) are research-backed strategies for teaching and learning that lead to increased retention, completion, and better learning outcomes for students. HIPs provide intentional and integrative approaches for learning that encourage transference of skills and the creation of meaningful connections between experiences. They may include but are not limited to first-year experiences, mentoring, learning communities, writing-intensive courses, study abroad, collaborative assignments and projects, undergraduate research, diversity and inclusion efforts, service-learning, community-based learning, internships and capstone courses and projects. They may be curricular or co-curricular.


  • Academic Affairs Development Grants
    UNF Faculty Development Grants are designed to provide summer support for faculty research and course design projects. Faculty members are encouraged to submit faculty development grant proposals that advance the integration of community engagement within academic programs, departments, and majors. Community engagement proposals should demonstrate how the relationship with the community partner is mutually beneficial and meets community-based transformational learning outcomes.
  • Florida Institute of Education

    In 1982, the State University System established the Florida Institute of Education as a system-wide entity designed to serve the entire state. The only state-level agency of its kind in the nation, the Institute was assigned to the University of North Florida and charged with responsibility for planning and developing collaborative programs and activities among Florida's universities, community colleges, and public schools.  

    Florida Institute of Education continues its commitment to improving public education by engaging in systems thinking, collaborative problem-solving, research-focused evaluation, instructional and leadership development, and practice-focused research and development. FIE serves as a catalyst for improving the quality of education for all Florida children by translating research into practical curricular and instructional tools, validating the effectiveness and resolving conflicting findings, transferring evidence-based and effective tools and strategies into widespread use, answering outcome questions, and informing policymaking and ongoing knowledge-building.

    For more information, contact Dr. Heather Monroe-Ossi at

  • Community Nursing Flagship Program

    Community Nursing Flagship Program is a community-based, population-focused curriculum. In 2002, the nursing program refined its curriculum to correspond to changes in health care delivery trends. Understanding community environments, as well as how individuals and families with health challenges reintegrate into their home communities, is important for today’s health care providers.

  • Coastal Biology Flagship Program

    Coastal Biology Flagship Program has direct value to the city and the region by offering a series of seminars on coastal biology issues and projects.