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Community Engagement

CAP 2.0: Quality of Partnerships

Throughout the 2017-2018 academic year, the Community Action Plan (CAP) team focused on the Quality of Partnerships.  Executive leadership across campus identified 15 university-community partnerships that varied in length, focus, depth, and complexity.  Representatives from these 15 partnerships were identified to serve as the CAP 2.0 team.

The CAP 2.0 team spent five months exploring these 15 partnerships in detail.  All partnerships were self-assessed using the Community as Object to Community-Engaged Continuum.  Strengths, weaknesses, impacts, and the sustainability of each partnership were explored.  Discussions ranged from aligning and/or adapting best practices to identifying common challenges and possible solutions in developing, supporting, and sustaining transformative partnerships.  These conversations were conducted while honoring the unique culture of our communities and institution. 

The work of the CAP 2.0 team resulted in a culminating Partnership Celebration as a part of the Center for Community-Based Learning’s Annual Community Engagement Summit on February 2, 2018. 

Community Action Plan (CAP) 2.0: Quality of Partnerships - Executive Summary

Each of the following partnerships consisted of a campus leader, community partners, UNF employees (faculty and staff), and students. The campus lead was a member of senior leadership to signify the importance of the relationship. The 15 identified partnerships have a short blurb about the relationship and the campus lead at the time of the process.

  • Building a Culture of Health for the Working Uninsured

    Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) in partnership with UNF’s School of Nursing and the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

    The students join over 200 medical professional volunteers who devote their time and expertise—everyone works without pay—to enable VIM to further advance its mission in research, tracking, and improving quality of care indicators for the working uninsured, and gain sustainable funding sources.

    For more information, please visit the Center for Community-Based Learning's Outstanding Partnerships page: Volunteers in Medicine.

    Campus Lead: Dr. Cathie Christie, Associate Dean - Brooks College of Health
    Dr. Christie is still in this role at UNF.

  • The Sulzbacher Homelessness Project

    The Sulzbacher Center in partnership with units across campus from Academic Affairs to Student Affairs

    The Sulzbacher Center greatly expands its ability to assist clients because of the community-based work by UNF students in programs from social work to mental health to nutrition and beyond. UNF students develop an understanding of the complex societal factors that contribute to homelessness as they apply what they are learning in classes.

    Campus Lead: Dr. Pamela Chally, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
    Currently, Dr. Chally is the Interim President of UNF

  • The Northeast Florida Archaeology Alliance

    The National Park Service, Florida State Parks, The Museum of Science and History, and The Timucuan Parks Foundation in partnership with UNF’s Archeology Lab

    Created first by Professor Thunen and now led by Professor Ashley, UNF Field School trains students in the meticulous work of archeology in the heart and heat of Florida’s jungle. It provides extensive archeological support to both the National and State Parks.  Since 1987, students have participated in archeology field schools, during which they literally uncover our region’s rich prehistoric and historic past. The MOSH exhibit “Uncovering the Past” received the City of Jacksonville’s Historic Preservation Award for ‘Signature Exhibit.”

    For more information, please visit the Center for Community-Based Learning's Outstanding Partnerships page: Archaeology.

    Campus Lead: Dr. Krista Paulsen, Associate Dean - College of Arts and Sciences
    Dr. Paulsen is no longer at UNF.

  • The Adaptive Toy Project

    Brooks Pediatric Residency Program in partnership with UNF’s Department of Physical Therapy and School of Engineering

    UNF students work closely with our partners to design, fabricate and deliver custom assistive technology for children at no cost to the families, under the guidance of Professors Lundy and Aceros. There is no way to simply quantify the many transformations that result: the thrill on the children’s faces when they receive their car is profound; the new mobility of the child gives joy and hope to the parents. Many Physical Therapy graduate students and Engineering undergraduates continue the relationship with “their” child and family.

    For more information, please visit the Center for Community-Based Learning's Outstanding Partnerships page: The Adaptive Toy Project.

    Campus Co-Lead: Dr. Curt Lox, Dean - Brooks College of Health
    Dr. Lox is still in this role at UNF.

    Campus Co-Lead: Dr. Mark Tumeo, Dean - College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction Management
    Dr. Tumeo is no longer at UNF.

  • Open Doors: Building a Bridge Between Students and Refugess

    Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities, and World Relief in partnership with UNF’s Hicks Honors College

    For twenty years Honors students have been assisting refugees in the transition to a radically different cultural home, first by Heather Burk and now by Professor Kaplan. While introducing students to the complex forces at work in the refugee crisis, Hicks Honors students become the refugee families’ first friends. As Honors has had transitions in both leadership and grown into a college the ongoing relationship with its resettlement partners has been foundational to the current identity of Honors at UNF.

    For more information, please visit the Center for Community-Based Learning's Outstanding Partnerships page: Open Doors.

    Campus Lead: Dr. Jeffrey Chamberlain, Inaugural Dean - Hicks Honors College
    Dr. Chamberlain is still in this role at UNF.

  • Partnering for Progress

    Crowley Maritime Corporation, Tote Maritime, Shoreside Logistics, and the Jacksonville Port Authority, in partnership with UNF’s Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program

    The partnership has made a mutually beneficial impact on the University, in Northeast Florida, and beyond. Working together to prepare a highly educated and effective workforce this partnership fuels economic growth and contributes to the quality of life for the region. The partners are actively engaged in discussions about research opportunities.

    Campus Lead: Dr. Mark Dawkins, Dean - Coggin College of Business
    Dr. Dawkins is no longer Dean and is a full professor in the Coggin College of Business.

  • UNF and United Way: A Partnership that Serves

    United Way of Northeast Florida in partnership with the University community   

    In addition to holding annual United Way Faculty/Staff Fund drives, United Way’s “Upstream” initiative offers students a competitive opportunity to create social change in one of United Way’s grand challenge areas: Education; Basic Needs; Financial Stability; and Health. In Spring 2018, $30,000 in seed grants were awarded to UNF students to make their ideas a reality, working with community partners such as Full-Service Schools and Downtown Vision Inc. UNF also partners with United way in the annual Martin Luther King Day of Service.

    Campus Co-Lead: John Delaney, J.D., President
    John is no longer at UNF.

    Campus Co-Lead: Janet Owen, Vice President - Governmental Affairs
    Janet is no longer at UNF.

  • Seaside Sculpture Park

    MountainStar Capital and the Lazzara Family Foundation in partnership with UNF’s Department of Art and Design and UNF’s Student Affairs

    Students create engaging and well-crafted art that contributes to vibrant neighborhood communities. Professor Hagar and her students have placed 25 large-scale outdoor sculptures in Jacksonville: 10 in Springfield, 5 in Amelia Island, and 10 in the Seaside Sculpture Park. The Partnership continues to evolve; possible new locations include the Mayo Clinic and other Jax Beach/Neptune Beach locations.

    Campus Co-Lead: Dr. David Fenner, Senior Associate Dean - College of Arts and Sciences
    Dr. Fenner is no longer in the Senior Associate Dean role and is a professor in the College of Arts and Sciences.

    Campus Co-Lead: Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez, Vice President - Student and International Affairs
    Dr. Gonzalez is no longer at UNF and this position no longer exists at the institution.

  • The Northeast Florida Coastal Research and Education Corridor

    The Guana-Tolomato-Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve (GMT NERR), The National Park Service, and the North Florida Land Trust in partnership with UNF’s Department of Biology and the Environmental Center.

    This partnership provides unparalleled opportunities for multi-disciplinary, long-term, ecological research and scholarship for UNF faculty, undergraduates, and graduate students as well as a wide variety of opportunities for transformational hands-on learning. To highlight just one ongoing research project, the partnership makes possible research on the impact of climate change on mangrove estuaries.

    Campus Lead: Dr. John Kantner, Dean - Graduate School
    Dr. Kantner is the Associate Provost of Faculty and Research and Interim Dean of the Graduate School.

  • T.E.A.M.: Teaching for Equity, Achievement, and Meaning

    The region’s Urban Professional Schools (Clay County Public Schools, Duval County Public Schools, Seaside Charter Schools, Tiger Academy Charter School, and Arlington Community Academy) in partnership with the College of Education and Human Service

    This partnership recruits, prepares, and retains a diverse cadre of well-trained, knowledgeable teachers who are invested in providing equitable, high-quality educational experiences for every student. This partnership received second place in Florida Campus Compact’s state-wide Community Partnership Award.

    Campus Lead: Dr. Diane Yendol-Hoppey, Dean - College of Education and Human Services
    Dr. Yendol-Hoppey will be stepping down as Dean and will remain a full professor in the College.

  • Driving Community Impact Through Student Volunteerism

    THE PLAYERS Championship in partnership with UNF’s Fraternity & Sorority Life

    THE PLAYERS Championship provides over $8 million annually to local charities as well as funding First Generation Scholarships at UNF. During THE PLAYERS Championship, student volunteers develop skills in customer service, communication, time management, networking, and crowd and event management.

    Campus Lead: Dr. Lucy Croft, Associate Vice President - Student Affairs
    Dr. Croft is no longer at UNF.

  • Fire Dragons: Johnson & Johnson 3-D Printing Center of Excellence

    Johnson & Johnson in partnership with UNF’s Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Innovation Initiative in the College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction

    The opportunity to have cutting-edge 3-D printing and material analysis equipment on campus, along with the highly trained and specialized J&J staff, means that the research capacity of UNF in this field is unparalleled in the state, and perhaps the nation.

    Campus Lead: Dr. Mark Tumeo, Dean - College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction
    Dr. Tumeo is no longer at UNF.

  • C.A.M.P. Osprey

    River City Science Academy, Tiger Academy, Lake Shore Middle, and virtual relationship in Putnam County in partnership with UNF’s Department of Leadership, School Counseling, and Sport Management

    Under the leadership of Professor Matt Ohlson, C.A.M.P.  [Collegiate Achievement Mentoring Program] Osprey provides leadership training and development to two different student groups.  UNF students learn leadership skills and then have the chance to apply those skills as they serve as mentors to children in 9 schools in the region.

    For more information, please visit the Center for Community-Based Learning's Outstanding Partnerships page: CAMP Osprey.

    Campus Lead: Dr. Jennifer Kane, Associate Dean - College of Education and Human Services
    Dr. Kane is currently interim dean of the College of Education and Human Services.

  • On-Campus Transition Program

    The Arc Jacksonville in partnership with the University community

    This partnership creates a community where disability is a distinction without a difference, where individuals will have choices on how they live, learn, work, worship and play. The On-Campus Transition Program provides an innovative college experience for these young adults while providing transformational learning experiences to university students, college educators, and community leaders who serve as mentors.

    Campus Lead: Thomas Van Schoor, Dean of Students
    Mr. Van Schoor is currently the Student Ombuds with the Office of the Dean of Students.

  • Florida Data Science for Social Good

    The Non-Profit Center of Northeast Florida in partnership with the School of Computing and the Department of Psychology

    Many community-based organizations lack the resources and skillsets needed to engage in data-driven decision-making to achieve their goals. UNF Students carefully trained by Professors Umapathy and Richard (as well as many other mentors from the community and the University) fill this gap by providing new data-driven approaches to decision-making and problem solving that local and regional nonprofit organizations use to benefit their programs and serve their community.

    For more information, please visit the Center for Community-Based Learning's  Outstanding Partnerships page: FL-DSSG.

    Campus Co-Lead: Dr. Sherif Elfayoumy, Director - School of Computing
    Dr. Elfayoumy is still in this role.

    Campus Co-Lead: Dr. George Rainbolt, Dean - College of Arts and Sciences
    Dr. Rainbolt is no longer dean and is a full professor in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Many individuals associated with this part of the process have changed roles or are no longer in those positions. A complete list of all participants and team members can be acquired by contacting the Center for Community-Based Learning.