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Promotion and Tenure Survey

Executive Summary - Spring 2018

Summary of Findings

  1. Overall, faculty members have more confidence that Community Engaged Teaching (CET) and Community Engaged Research (CER) are valued by individuals (chairs and deans) compared to committees of their peers (departmental and university).  Value of CER was rated slightly lower across all Promotion & Tenure (PT) committees.
  2. Collectively, respondents indicated they were only “slightly knowledgeable” to “moderately knowledgeable” on the five key qualities of CET and the eight key qualities of CER.  Two of the five key qualities of CET had a mode of “not knowledgeable at all,” whereas five of the CER key qualities also had a similar mode.
  3. University Committee was frequently assessed as to valuing CET and CER “None at All” or “A Little” by numerous demographics (PT Committee last 5 years; CCBL programs; CET experience; Tenure track).
  4. Individuals who have participated in CCBL programs, done CET work, and/or CER work indicate higher levels of knowledge of Community Engagement (CE) principles on CET and CER compared to those who have not.
  5. Brooks College of Health and College of Education and Human Services faculty members consistently indicated higher levels of knowledge of CE principles on CET andCER compared to other colleges.
  6. Faculty members who indicated experience with CET or CER were more likely to be encouraged to pursue CET and CER during their initial PT window.
  7. Individuals who indicated experience with CET and CER were more likely to be on a PT committee within the last five years.

Recommendations Based on Findings

  1. Develop a training program for Chairs, Deans, and University PT committee that highlights components of high-quality CET and CER work.
    • Work with colleagues from Brooks College of Health and College of Education and Human Services to be a part of the working group, as they generally indicated higher levels of knowledge associated with CE principles.
  2. Recruit more individuals to be involved with PT processes who have done CET and CER as a part of their own research agendas and/or teaching pedagogy.
  3. Diversify pool of faculty members who participate in existing CCBL professional development programming, to assist with fostering competence in CE principles.
    • Determine some type of recommendation system through Chairs, Deans, University PT committee.

Demographics Data

Two hundred and twenty (220) surveys were completed leading to return of 38.7%.  Over half of the respondents were from the College of Arts & Sciences (107, 51.2%).  A plurality of respondents indicated they received their terminal degree within the last 6-15 years (89, 43.0%).  Those who identify as “Woman | Female | Feminine” were slightly over-represented in the data (51.7% compared to 46.8%) and Faculty of Color were under-represented (14.9% compared to 19%).



  • CCBL = Center for Community-Based Learning
  • CE = Community Engagement
  • CER = Community Engaged Research
  • CET = Community Engaged Teaching
  • PT = Promotion & Tenure

A copy of the Promotion and Tenure Executive Summary can be obtained by contacting the Center for Community-Based Learning.