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Community Engagement

Faculty Resources

You can be a faculty civic champion by incorporating democratic engagement opportunities into your course, either graded or ungraded. Below are a few options supported by the staff of the Center for Community-Based Learning; all are strictly non-partisan:

  • Unify America College Bowl

    Encourage (or require) students to participate in the Unify Challenge College Bowl, a one-hour virtual face-to-face conversation between two students who attend different schools and may vote differently, live in different geographies, or have different life experiences. It's a high-impact way for students to discover common ground and shared goals and learn about new perspectives in a low-risk setting. Since the Fall of 2021, nearly 4,000 students across 80 colleges and universities have participated in the College Bowl. 

    This Fall Semester, the College Bowl will take place September 26-28 and October 3-5. 

    Action: Distribute the custom campus link ( to students and request a participation report from or sign up for your own customized landing page by emailing Utilize the faculty resources site to further enhance the student experience,

  • Osprey Vote

    Encourage (or require) students to sign up for Osprey Vote, UNF’s democracy engagement on-line community. Osprey Vote can assist students with registering to vote (if eligible), provide information about civic education opportunities on and off campus, and incentivize participation by offering a prize store for completed actions. Your class can even create a team and compete against other teams for real-life prizes such as gift cards, trips, experiences, and UNF swag! 

    Action: Refer students to the Osprey Vote quick link in MyWings or email for a QR code to distribute to your class. 

  • List an Event on Osprey Vote

    Are you planning an event related to civic education? You can list a democracy education event, such as a presentation, guest speaker, or survey on Osprey Vote to incentivize attendance! CCBL staff can provide you with a list of participants if you wish to offer course credit. You can open your event to the public or limit it to your group.  

    Action: Email for more information. 


  • Democratic Engagement Canvas Module

    Students will directly receive all the non-partisan information they need to know about voting straight from the course materials if you add the UNF Asks Every Student Canvas module from the Canvas Commons. Links to the Unify Challenge College Bowl and Osprey Vote are included in the module. An optional reflection assignment is also included.  

    Action: add the UNF Asks Every Student Canvas Module to your course by emailing and requesting access. 

  • Presentations by Osprey Community Ambassadors

    Students hear a short explanation of the voting and democratic engagement opportunities at UNF and have the opportunity to ask questions and get non-partisan advice from someone on our team in real-time. Presentations can be done in person or we can provide a video format.

    Action: email our team at to schedule a visit to your class. 

  • Serve on the 2023-2024 Democracy Action Plan Coalition

    The Democracy Action Plan Coalition is a working group of students, staff and faculty who work together to plan, execute and evaluate UNF’s Democracy Action Plan. The Coalition meets and shares documents using Teams. The time commitment is approximately one hour a week.  

    Action: Email Susan Trudeau, Coalition Lead, at to indicate your interest. 

  • Participate in Perspectives

    UNF is a cohort participant in a collaboration between the Constructive Dialogue Institute and NASPA, which provides UNF access to the Perspectives online program. Perspectives is a research-validated interactive e-learning program that fosters the mindset and skills to communicate and collaborate across differences. The program is used at institutions across the country to foster meaningful dialogue and help learners become better critical thinkers and conflict resolvers and warmer to others who hold different ideological viewpoints.

    Perspectives features:
    • 6 asynchronous online lessons (20 min each)
    • Peer-to-peer conversation guides
    • Adapts based on learners' responses
    • Customizable settings that allow users to "select a track" based on desired outcomes
    • A dashboard to track learners' progress

    This program can be implemented in courses, used in student employee training, and for student organization leadership development.

    Action: Email Justin Sipes, Campus Lead, at to indicate interest.

Questions or comments about any of the above-listed programs or opportunities?
Contact Susan Trudeau, Co-Curricular Coordinator, Center for Community-Based Learning at or


Adapted from a resource of Ask Every Student, a project of the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, the Campus Vote Project, NASPA, and the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition. Learn more about Ask Every Student at