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Watercolor of the Jacksonville Skyline

Fundraising to support community engagement from 2011 through Spring 2018

UNF expresses its deep gratitude to those donors whose support of the University helps UNF students, faculty and staff partner with community members to improve life on the First Coast.



The Brooks College of Health                                        Subtotal: $1,123,736.20


$2,000.00         Transcending Hispanic Health Sensitivity  

$127,504.53     Us- BCH Women’s Group  

$11,645.00       Center for Aging & Adult Studies 

$226,780.00     Health Administration Leadership Institute 

$306,289.25     Center for Global Health and Medical Diplomacy 

$132,095.22     Public Health Non-Contractual Research Fund 

$10,000.00       BCH Caring Communications Fund 

$5,416.20         Outdoor Classroom Project 

$225,000.00     Riverside Hospital Foundation BCH - DCN Support 

$60,000.00       St. Vincent's Professorship in Mental Health Nursing 

$7,500.00         BCH- Public Health Skin Cancer Prevention 

$5,000.00         Women and Girls Health Research Prof Operating PRE-END 

$6.00                Baptist Health Fellowship Endowment 

$4,500.00         Women and Girls Health Research Professorship 

The Coggin College Of Business                            Subtotal: $378,851.75 

When reviewing the data, the community engagement fundraising was integrated within much of its fundraising.  So, Dean Dawkins determined to identify 10% of those funds most clearly involved with the community. This is the only college that handled the data this way. 


$2,428.00          International Business Studies  

$356.62            CCB Economics Department 

$12,015.47        Accounting & Finance 

$93,092.63        Coggin College of Business 

$80.00               Institute for Management Development 

$513.56             Management Department  

$19,016.73        Small Business Development Center 

$25.00               Center for Economic and GIS Research  

$102.76             Marketing & Logistics 

$19,112.30        Coggin Career Management Center 

$141,173.17      Coggin Transportation & Logistics Account 

$21,333.30        IANA Logistics & Supply Chain Management Undergraduate Case Competition 

$5,507.20          Osprey Financial Group Fund 

$880.00             Target Undergraduate Capstone Awards 

$1,779.00          SBDC Bowling Event- Operating  

$2,437.75          Financial Services Program Fund 

$1,100.00          Transportation & Logistics Advisory Council Program Fund 

$308.80             Economics Advisory Council Program Fund 

$2,200.00          Accounting Advisory Council Program Fund 

$900.00             International Business Advisory Council Program Fund 

$480.00             Women in Business Society Fund 

$4,007.86          Coggin College of Business Gala Fund 

$50,001.60        Luther and Blanche Coggin Fund for Entrepreneurship 

The College of Arts and Science                                 Subtotal:  $1,128,106.90 


$120,590.00     Joe Berg Seminar Series Fund 

 $110.25            The Archaeology of the Timucua Village 

 $122,117.50     Public Service Program 

 $270,000.00     UNF Clinical Laboratory Sciences Community Partnership Fund 

 $163,000.00     Cummer Family Foundation Chamber Music Series Fund 

 $6,973.00         Archaeology Fund 

 $100,000.00     Blaudow Family Sustainability Project 

 $52,500.00       UNF Chamber Players Enhancement Fund 

 $45,216.15       Jacksonville Zoo and Garden's Animal Behavior Research Fellowship 

 $16,000.00       Christopher Cummer Music Mentor Fund 

 $5,600.00         Will Cummer Archaeology Internship Program 

 $1,000.00         Nina Waters Nonprofit Leadership Scholarship Endowment - Operating 

 $25,000.00       Nina Waters Nonprofit Leadership Scholarship Endowment 

 $200,000.00     The Joan Amery Van Vleck Endowed Fellowship for Coastal Biology  

The College of Education and Human Services         Subtotal: $2,672,994.28


$42,000.00        Poetry Stars 

$49,872.46        Tiger Academy Fellowship 

$20,458.50        Center for Urban Education and Policy 

$25,000.00        Life Skills Project with Children's Home Society 

$69,000.00        Digi Stars Science/Environmental Clubs and Film Festival 

$226,114.56      JTR Cohort 1: Residents and Resident Clinical Mentor Teachers 

$51,233.86        JTR Cohort 1: Recruitment 

$239,000.00      JTR Cohort 1: Program Instructional & Operating Expenses 

$100,000.00      Gladys Roddenberry Graduate Fellowships for Teaching Excellence 

$120,000.00      Gladys Prior Awards for Career Teaching Excellence 

$74,782.00        JTR Grant 2:  Program Instructional & Operating Expenses 

$27,989.00        JTR Grant 2:  Recruitment 

$162,000.00      JTR Grant 2:  Personnel 

$251,447.14      JTR Grant 2:  Residents & Clinical Residency Mentors 

$82,271.00        JTR Grant 3:  Program Instructional and Operating Expenses 

$67,494.00        JTR Grant 3: Residents & Clinical Residency Mentors Professional Development 

$252,650.40      JTR Grant 3: Residents & Clinical Residency Mentors Stipends 

$27,056.53        JTR Grant 3: Recruitment 

$182,140.00      JTR Grant 3:  Personnel 

$2,000.00          Urban Professional Development Schools Fund 

$5,650.00          COEHS C.A.M.P. (Collegiate Achievement Mentoring Program) Osprey 

$17,135.00        JTR Grant 4- Travel 

$61,440.00        JTR Grant 4- Resident Stipends 

$5,000.00          The Main Street America Group's Resident Clinical Faculty at Woodland Acres Elementary 

$9,375.00.         Tiger Academy Resident Clinical Faculty 

$316,584.83      Crawford Early Childhood Research Distinguished Professorship 

$150,300.00      Educator Preparation Initiative Endowment 

$10,000.00        Ron and Toni Porterfield Endowment 

$25,000.00        Victor and Lynne Raiser Urban Education Endowment 

The College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction       Subtotal: $574,784.55 


$1,200.00        CCEC Symposium

$18,545.32      School of Engineering TLO Account

$17,900.98      CCEC Student Competition and Travel Fund

$2,736.00        Community Based Pediatric Adaptive Toy Project Fund – Operating

$179,402.25    ICS Venture Fund

$28,500.00      CCEC STEM Outreach Program Fund

$20,000.00      Florida Data Science for Social Good Program

$250,000.00    3D Printing Center Building- CCEC

$6,500.00        CCEC Senior Design Projects in Engineering

$50,000.00      Auld & White Economic Venture Endowment Fund

Hicks Honors College                                                                   Subtotal: $2000.00

$2,000               Ann and David Hicks 

General University                                                                           Subtotal: $61,696.00


$40,015.00      AT&T Presidential Lecture Series

$20,000.00      Oscar & Catherine A Munoz Family Fund - B Presidential Fellowship

$500.00           CCBL: Ospreys in Action

$90.00             Scheidel Lost Boys Scholarship

$1,091.00        Albert D. Ernest, Jr. Caring Award

OneJax: An Institute of UNF Subtotal:                                      Subtotal: $2,129,365.06                             



                                                                                             Grand Total:  $8,071,534.74