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CAP 2.0 - Quality of Partnerships

Throughout the 2017-2018 academic year, the Community Action Plan (CAP) team focused on the Quality of Partnerships.  Executive leadership across campus identified 15 university-community partnerships that varied in length, focus, depth, and complexity.  Representatives from these 15 partnerships were identified to serve as the CAP 2.0 team.


The CAP 2.0 team spent five months exploring these 15 partnerships in detail.  All partnerships were self-assessed using the Community as Object to Community-Engaged Continuum.  Strengths, weaknesses, impacts, and the sustainability of each partnership were explored.  Discussions ranged from aligning and/or adapting best practices to identifying common challenges and possible solutions in developing, supporting, and sustaining transformative partnerships.  These conversations were conducted while honoring the unique culture of our communities and institution. 


The work of the CAP 2.0 team resulted in a culminating Partnership Celebration as a part of the Center for Community-Based Learning’s Annual Community Engagement Summit on February 2, 2018. 


Community Action Plan (CAP) 2.0: Quality of Partnerships - Executive Summary

Partnership Celebration - Team Members: