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Why the Change? 

UNF selected Concur to replace its current Travel & Expense application. Ellucian, the vendor of our current system, would no longer support the Travel & Expense module of Banner. Additionally, the satisfaction faculty and staff had with T&E was not at the desired level. Concur is used to request travel authorization, book travel, process travel reimbursements, and reconcile P-Card transactions. Travelers and approvers use Concur’s mobile app to book a trip, capture receipts, create and submit expense reports and approve travel. Concur enables better integration, easy report creation, and configurable dashboards.

There is a now a travel agency, World Travel, to help with booking flights, hotels, car rentals, assist with any unexpected travel changes, etc. This is especially benefit group and athletics travel. Another advantage is improved compliance. The University will have better data on when travel is taking place and what is spent to travel. This data should provide the travel agency with leverage to negotiate better pricing and benefits with the airlines. When our students travel, there is improved “Duty of Care”, which enables the University to know where students are so we can communicate with them and reroute them should a risky situation develop.

Transitioning to Concur   

  • Banner Travel and Expense (T&E) is no longer available. 
  • Concur brings changes to P-Card processing. 
    • Faculty and staff will need to review and update their Concur profile if they travel or have a UNF purchasing card. 
      • Faculty and staff who have a purchasing card and either don’t travel or have a delegate who handles their travel, they can use these brief instructions to update their profile. 
      • Faculty and staff who travel can use these instructions to update their profile. 
    • P-card transactions posted on or after March 28 will be coded in Concur. P-card transactions posted before March 28 will be coded in Banner. Since the posting dates vary with credit card purchases, departments should check both Banner and Concur to ensure they do not miss a purchasing card transaction between March 28 and early April.
    • Employees who code p-cards and/or travel will want to complete a ‘Concur Made Easy’ training class. 
  • Travel authorizations (TAs) already in T&E and not expensed before March 28 will be closed out using a Direct Pay method (the same process followed at year end). 
  • In Concur, expenses are not encumbered until they are processed on an Expense Report. 
  • Departments can access old T&E data using the "Travel & Expense Reporting" link on the my Applications channel in myWings


  • Concur is a robust and full featured system, so training is highly recommended to ensure successful use of the new application. Training classes, titled “Concur Made Easy” have been offered since March 12. Register for one using CPDT’s registration link in myWings.
  • In addition to weekly training classes, there are weekly Concur hands-on users lab sessions held in the Thomas G. Carpenter Library. Faculty and staff are encouraged to pop in with specific questions about using the system. View the weekly schedule. 
  • Review UNF's Concur Users Guide to become familiar with the new system. 

Links and Instructions 


User Guide for Concur, UNF's new Travel, Expense, and P-Card Application
Concur Hands on Lab Sessions Dates
Quick View: Approving a Travel Request in Concur
Quick View: Updating Your Concur Profile So Your Delegate Can Code Your P-Card (for those who do not travel or have a delegate handle their travel but have p-cards)
Quick View: Updating Your Profile for Travelers and Those Who Have P-Cards
How to Close Out a Travel Authorization in T&E Using Direct Pay Method 
Concur Travel Bypass Procedures for Students and Non-Employees

This page is updated frequently, please check back to view additional information and support documents.


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