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Annual Report
January 2017-January 2018
Submitted by Dr. Dana L. Hart, Chairperson

The Nomination and Election Committee is responsible for conducting elections of officers, all Faculty Association standing committees and Faculty Association university committees.

During the 2016-2017 academic year, the committee, with the assistance of Faculty Association Executive Secretary, Ms. Cindy Chin, followed procedures set forth in FA bylaws to announce committee vacancies, prepare lists of nominees for all vacancies, and conduct elections during the week of April 6th to April 12th. The committee also conducted an election to identify the recipient of the Distinguished Professor Award.

Subsequent to the 2017 election period, the committee unanimously elected a replacement for Vice Chair, Dr. Scott Landes due to his leaving UNF. Dr. Heather Truelove accepted the committee's vote and agreed to serve as Chair of the Nominations & Elections Committee beginning in Spring 2018.

The committee relied heavily on email communication to complete the above tasks.

The handoff to the incoming Chair, Dr. Heather Truelove, will take place during the January 2018 meeting.