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 Nominations and Elections Committee
Annual Report
Submitted by Dr. Patrick Kreidl, Chair


The Nomination and Election Committee is responsible for conducting elections of officers, all Faculty Association standing committees and faculty delegates to the university committees.

During the period of 2015-2016 the committee, with significant assistance from Ms. Cindy Chin (FA executive secretary), has (1) adopted procedures in accordance with FA bylaws to announce in-term vacancies, (2) prepared lists of nomination for all end-of-term vacancies and (3) conducted the election during the week of April 7th - April 13th. The committee has also conducted the election of the recipient Distinguished Professor Award. 

The committee relied heavily on email communication to complete the above tasks, meeting in-person just once in January 2016 in preparation for the Spring elections during which most vacancies get filled.

The handoff to the incoming Chair, Dr. Dana Hart, will take place during the January 2017 meeting.