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Annual Report
Submitted by Dr. Pingying Zhang, Chairperson



The Nomination and Election Committee (NEC) has conducted nomination and search preparation throughout the academic year of 2015. The committee members are Patrick Kreidl, Sophie Maxis, Marielle Veve, Siho Nam, Weng Suzie, William Dally, Sophie Maxis, Chitra Lakshmi K Balasubramanian and Pingying Zhang (Chair).

All members came to attend meetings when needed. The committee members worked well together. Whenever questions surfaced, committee members were able to find solution. Particularly, we have promoted interests among faculty members to actively serve Faculty Association among all colleges and Library. We also found replacement for outgoing members from various committees. Cindy Chin, Faculty Association Executive Secretary, has been instrumental in this committee’s final delivery, and we are thankful for Cindy’s assistance throughout the year.  

Dr. Patrick Kreidl will be the incoming chair for the NEC starting from January 2016.