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Agenda Item FA FA 22-32

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

COAS (New Degree Program)

New Degree APC Disclaimer The following Program of Study for the new degree titled, “Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry” will only be implemented following the approval of the New Degree Program by the UNF Board of Trustees, Florida Board of Governors and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission of Colleges (SACSCOC) as applicable. Following Faculty Association Approval, this APC will be held at the Vice President of Academic Affairs Station until all approvals have been received. New Course Creations, or Course Changes included in this APC will not be submitted to the State until all program approvals have been verified by Academic Affairs.

02/03/22: Approved

Log Number: 202108-68

College of Arts and Sciences





Creation of new B.S. Biochemistry degree program

New Course

Survey of Physical Chemistry

CHM 4400

New Course

Survey of Physical Chemistry Lab

CHM 4400 L