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Agenda Item FA 21-25

Submitted by the Nominations and Elections Committee

Extension on Nominations and Elections Committee period

The Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC), a Faculty Association Standing Committee, will need to conduct elections to accept nominees to serve on the Nominations and Elections Committee. The Faculty Association Bylaws stipulate, "The Nominations and Elections Committee shall be nominated from the floor and elected at the meeting in November." Current vacancies on the NEC for the calendar 2-year term, January 2022 to January 2024. No Association member may serve on more than two standing committees (excluding the Executive Committee) at one time nor serve more than two consecutive terms on any one standing committee. One from College of Arts and Sciences One from College of Education & Human Services One from Library One At-large (this position will hold vice-chair during 2022-2023 and chair for 2023-2024) The NEC missed the November deadline for nominations and therefore will be missing the election period of November 8-15, 2021. The NEC is requesting approval for extension of the NEC period. We are requesting to seek extension of the NEC nomination and voting period. The nominations could be announced and taken on the floor on January 13, 2022 during the full FA meeting and nomination voting period opened from January 17th through January 24th, 2022. This accommodation would require the need for a two week extension on current committee members terms whose term expires on 01/13/22. Current Nominations and Elections Committee membership is shown as follows (COAS – Paul Fuglestad and Nicholas Seabrook, CCB – Chiradip Chatterjee, CCEC – Touria El Mezyani, COEHS – Amanda Pascale, BCH – Jennifer Ross, Library – Marielle Veve, At-Large – Daniela Genova) or to the current chair, Chitra Balasubramanian, Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy via e-mail: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bylaws Amendment ( FA# 14-18) (7) For all the Faculty Association Standing committees and the University Committees that have college-specific representation, only members of the relevant college may vote on their college representatives.

11/16/21: Passed