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Agenda Item FA 21-24

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

New Degree Program

12/02/21: Approved

Log Number: 202108-62

College of Education & Human Services


New Degree Program


Leadership, School Counseling

Bachelor of Science in Learning Design and Technology

New Course

Introduction to Learning Design and Technology

EME 1005

New Course

UDL: Universal Design for Learning

EME 3334

New Course

Research Methods in Learning Design and Technology

EME 3367

New Course

Data Analysis and Visualization Design for Instruction

EME 3346

New Course

Adult Learning Theory and Curriculum Development

EME 3661

New Course

Training Needs Assessment

EME 3624

New Course

Instructional Technology Leadership

EME 4043

New Course

Program Evaluation in Instructional Design and Technology

EME 4083

New Course

Foundations of Instructional Design

EME 4673

New Course

Development of Instructional Materials

EME 4674

New Course

Learning Design and Technology Capstone

EME 4684