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Agenda Item FA 21-12

Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee

Department of Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences Restructuring Proposal Proposal

To split the Department of Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences into two departments

05/06/21: Passed

Department of Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences Restructuring Proposal Proposal:

To split the Department of Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences into two departments: Department of Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences and Department of Physical Therapy


  • The Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). In order to be fully compliant with CAPTE accreditation standards the DPT academic leader must be a Physical Therapist and must complete annual faculty evaluations and have fiscal responsibility. To be compliant with UNF-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), these functions must be performed by out-of-unit faculty. However, all faculty at the Program level are in-unit. Changing the DPT academic unit to the Department level will allow for full compliance with CAPTE accreditation standards and the CBA.
  • A major UNF initiative is the development of MedNexus. UNF has requested additional funding from the FL State Legislature to be used to enhance and expand the DPT degree. Several community partners, such as Brooks Rehabilitation, have expressed support for this plan. Elevating the DPT Program to the Department level will allow this academic unit to expand and enhance its offerings to students and the community, in line with the goals of MedNexus.
  • The Doctor of Physical Therapy academic unit in most public and private universities (within Florida and across the U.S.) is at the Department level. This change will align UNF's DPT Program with this convention. This will make it easier to recruit high quality faculty, especially those in leadership roles.

Resources Needed: None apart from what the College already possesses.

  • The offices and faculty of these two departments are co-located on the second floor of the Brooks College of Health, so no physical moves will be required. Adequate office space already exists for faculty and staff.
  • Existing staff could be divided between the two new departments.
  • Existing operating expense budgets would be divided between the two departments.
  • The only cost for this split would be the creation of a new Department Chair position. It is anticipated that the Chair for the Department of Physical Therapy would be filled by an internal candidate. The additional cost for salary and stipend for the new Department Chair position will paid from the Brooks College of Health rate reserve.
  • The Department Chair will hereafter be the academic leader of the Physical Therapy program, thereby cancelling the need for a separate Program Director.

Programs Affected:

  • After the split, the remaining programs in CAMS will be Athletic Training (Graduate) and Exercise Science (Undergraduate and Graduate degree programs) with 9 full time faculty and one Department Chair. The new Department of Physical Therapy will have 7 full time faculty and one Department Chair.


  • The anticipated timeline is for the split to be complete no later than the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year.

Support for the new Department:

  • Support for this change comes from the Interim Provost (Karen Patterson), the Dean of the Graduate School and the Associate Provost (John Kantner), the Dean of the Brooks College Health (Curt Lox), and the Director for Academic Programs and UNF's SACSCOC Liaison (Shawn Brayton).
  • The majority of faculty in CAMS were in support of this change. This fact was established through an anonymous survey distributed to all CAMS faculty.

UNF Constitution


Section 5. Creation, Transfer and Abolition of Academic Units

Academic units may be established, altered, and/or transferred from one college to another, or abolished by the University Board of Trustees. The normal procedures prior to such action by the Board shall include a recommendation by the President, who shall solicit the advice of members of the respective faculty and administrators, and the Faculty Association.

March 9, 2021


To Whom It May Concern:


Please accept this letter in support of the Brooks College of Health's request to create a new

Department of Physical Therapy, to begin operations Fall 2021. Currently, the Doctor of Physical Therapy program resides in the Department of Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences (CAMS). The proposal would remove the program from CAMS and place it alone in a new department.


Several reasons exist for this request. First, such a change may be handled within the college's current budget. Specifically, the modest increase in stipend - and merging the program director position with the new department chair position into a 12-month position - will be covered via the college's rate reserve. Additionally, the CAMS department already has two full-time office staff that are capable of serving the new department, just as it has in the past. Classrooms, offices, and laboratories will remain the same.


Second, the new department will figure prominently in any additional funding that UNF receives from the state related to the MedNexus initiative. This funding will allow for expansion of the programming and hiring of additional personnel.


Finally, a large majority of Physical Therapy programs (both in Florida and nationwide) are contained within their own departments. This change would enhance the reputation of the program and make it more attractive to faculty and administrative applicants.


If I can provide any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Curt Lox, PhD

Dean, Brooks College of Health

University of North Florida