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Agenda Item FA 21-19

Submitted by the Executive Committee

2023/24 UNF Academic Calendar Draft Summary

06/03/21: Passed

Please find attached the 2023/24 Matriculation DRAFT and the accompanying snapshots ready for Faculty Executive Committee and Faculty Association review and vote. The terms to be officially reviewed are Fall 2023, Spring 2024 and Summer 2024. Some important points:

  1. UNF Calendar Committee representation for the year includes:
    1. A faculty member each from BCOH, CCEC, COEHS and COAS (CCOB rep on sabbatical)
    2. Financial Aid
    3. Records and Registration
    4. Financial Services
    5. Housing
    6. UNF Online
    7. Advising director
    8. Academic Affairs
  2. Calendar committee votes:
    1. Six votes to make all of Thanksgiving week non-instructional
    2. Three votes for the Fall Break in October and only Wednesday of Thanksgiving week as non- instructional
    3. Two votes for no fall or Thanksgiving non-instructional time.
  3. Executive review chose to continue the Fall Break that was established initially in the Fall 2021 calendar—option “b” above. To keep instructional time between the Fall 1H and 2H terms balanced and not impact Friday single-day instructional counts, October 9 and 10 of 2023 were selected for the Fall Break.
  4. This calendar draft is compliant with state and University regulation and aligned with Federal guidance.
  5. There is good instructional day counts and balance.
  6. The spring 2024 spring break proposed for the 2nd full week of March aligns with Duval County School Board’s current practice. Since there’s no guarantee that DCPS will maintain this practice, Calendar Committee would like for that variable to not be set until the latest possible moment: when the calendar is due to the BOG.


2023-2024 Matriculation Calendar Complete Draft