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Agenda Item FA 20-30

Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee

Emeritus Policy

Proposed Draft by Faculty Affairs Committee 11.30.20

01/07/21: Approved

8.7 Retired and Emeritus Faculty

Update 11/30/20 to include instructors, lecturers, and clinical ranks, to specify time of service at 10 years, and to add benefit of use of university affiliation in published works.

8.7 Retired and Emeritus Faculty


The title "emeritus" is an honor that may be conferred to faculty upon retirement, in recognition of a distinguished record at the University of North Florida. It is expected emeritus faculty will have made significant contributions in the areas of teaching, research, or service (including administrative service); or any combination thereof.


This policy applies to faculty who have been a permanent employee at UNF for a minimum of 10 years and hold one of the following titles: tenured professors, associate professors, or professors; associate or university librarians; associate or university lecturers; associate or university instructors; and clinical associate professors or clinical professors. Faculty who held a title in addition to those listed above for at least five years at UNF (e.g., dean) shall be eligible to have that title included in their emeritus honor.


Faculty who have made exceptional contributions to the University in the areas of teaching, scholarship, or service who do not meet these criteria may be considered eligible for emeritus status.


The process for receiving the honor is as follows: A nomination is sent to the department chair (or equivalent) including the emeritus title requested; self-nominations are allowed. The tenured faculty of the department or faculty at the rank of associate or above shall vote by secret ballot on the candidacy. If the majority of the department's tenured faculty or faculty at the rank of associate faculty or above approves, the vote of the faculty, the candidate's vita, and recommendation letters from the department chair or equivalent and college or library dean shall be forwarded to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for final approval and action.


In addition to the benefits provided all retired faculty (as outlined in the UNF BOT-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement), emeritus faculty shall enjoy additional campus courtesies available to active faculty, including but not limited to:

  1. Receipt of a daily blue parking permit, or annual blue permit if visiting campus frequently, at no cost. An option to upgrade to a faculty/staff permit is available at a cost equal to the difference between a blue and faculty/staff permit.
  2. Use of university computers and network.
  3. Maintenance of emeritus status in the university Banner system. This is similar to active faculty status.
  4. Use of recreation facilities (at the same fees as charged active faculty members), faculty commons, OFE, and CIRT.
  5. Admission to athletic and cultural events (at the same fees as charged active faculty members).
  6. Right to participate in convocation, graduation ceremonies, and other academic events.
  7. Listing in the UNF catalog (and online directories) with emeritus designation.
  8. Use of university affiliation in all publications and other work.