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Agenda Item FA 19-48

Submitted by the FA President

Faculty Syllabus Bank Policy

10/03/19: Returned

Faculty Syllabus Bank Policy

Policies & Regulations

Academic Affairs: Faculty Syllabus Bank



This policy statement articulates the official position of the University of North Florida regarding syllabi availability for courses. This policy applies to all courses regardless of delivery method.


UNF seeks to ensure that students are as informed about their course choices as they can be. To that end, syllabi that are collected and stored in a syllabi repository maintained by Academic Affairs, within certain parameters described below, will be made available to students.


  1. Syllabi will come from the Academic Affairs Syllabi Repository; faculty are required, either directly or through their departmental staff, to upload each of their course syllabi every semester they teach.
  2. Syllabi made available to students will be kept behind a log-in wall; students wishing to access the available syllabi must do so through the secure MyWings portal.
  3. Faculty who wish not to participate in making their syllabi available to students shall have the right to opt-out. This right may be exercised on a course section by course section basis, each semester that the faculty member is teaching. This right must be exercised each term for those wishing to opt-out; a faculty member may not elect to opt-out in perpetuity. This right may be exercised directly by a faculty member or by a staff member acting on behalf of the faculty member.
  4. The operant syllabus for a given course will be the one provided by the faculty member to the students enrolled in a given course/section. Syllabi from prior iterations of a course have no binding. Students wishing to file a complaint or appeal regarding a course must refer to the syllabus for that particular course/section. Complaints/appeals will be assessed only in light of the operant syllabus and may not be filed on the basis of materials in syllabi for prior iterations of a course.