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Agenda Item FA 19-58

Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee

Proposal for Department Name change from “Art and Design” to “Art, Art History, and Design”

11/07/19: Passed

11/20/19: Approved

Proposal for Department Name change from "Art and Design" to "Art, Art History, and Design"

(August 2019, Edited) September 2019 Current: Art and Design Department

Proposed: Art, Art History, and Design Department (AAHD)

Initiated by:

David Begley, Chair of Art and Design, Professor of Graphic Design and Digital Media


Proposal rationale:

The Department of Art and Design was established in 2004/05 as a result of splitting the Department of Communications and Visual Arts into two distinct areas. Art and Design has individual programs in; Art History, Ceramics, Graphic Design and Digital Media, Painting/Drawing/Printmaking, Photography and Sculpture. Art History has always been an important component of the Art and Design Department. The inaugural Chair, Dr. Debra Murphy, has worked to build a vibrant and academically rigorous program in Art History, with a stand-alone B.A. program started in 2012. Art History has approximately 50 majors, with large lecture classes in Art Appreciation and Survey of Western Arts I & II, all 3 general education critical thinking courses. The program has one of the longest running and very popular study abroad trip to Italy each summer. In addition, two faculty members, Dr. Murphy and Dr. Brown, have endowed scholarships in their name. Art, Design and Art History offers cultural opportunities for faculty and students through the relationship with MOCA, lectures, and gallery events.


The University's permanent art collection, used primarily as an instructional resource, is now estimated to be worth around $3 Million and growing. This is due in large part by the relationships Dr. Murphy has cultivated during her tenure as department chair. The art historians play a vital role in managing the many facets of this type of university collection.


By changing the name, our hope is that the program will get the recognition that it deserves in the community. The Art History degree program is not as well known in Duval, St. Johns and Clay county high schools, due in part to the omission of it in the name. After meetings with several Art and Art History teachers in northern St. Johns county feeder high school programs, many were unaware UNF had an Art History major. Based on the above factors, the department faculty unanimously approves this proposed name change.


Monetary Impact:

Business Cards $45.00 per pack x25 $1125


Letterhead-costs vary, aprox. 500 for $80 up to 20,000 for $595.01 Envelopes-costs vary, aprox. 250 for $95 up to 20,000 for $390.07


Table Banner (approximate cost) $200


This money comes out of our E&G account 612200


Total cost $1500

Impact on faculty from CBA:

There should be no change to faculty.

List of all affected academic units and administrators:

  1. Department of Art and Design.
  2. COAS Dean's Office, there is support from the Dean's office for the proposed name change.Dr. George Rainbolt, Dr. Lev Gasparov.
  3. Attached: Dean's letter of support.
  4. Attached: Letters of support, Nikki Rakov and Megan Welch, Art History teachers, St. Johns County High Schools.
  5. Attached: Email approval from Department of History Chair, David Sheffler.
  6. Attached: NASAD accreditation Email, no impact to accreditation.