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Agenda Item FA 19-49

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Arts and Sciences (Undergraduate) – (Art & Design):

New Degree Program Request – Proposal for Bachelor of Fine Arts – Graphic Design and Digital Media Major (1 package)

11/07/19: Passed

11/22/19: Approved

Log Number: 201908-10

New Degree Program Request:
Bachelor of Fine Arts – Graphic Design and Digital Media Major

The Department of Art and Design is requesting to create a stand-alone Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media (GDDM). The Department currently offers a limited-access concentration in GDDM. This concentration would be replaced by the new stand-alone, limited-access GDDM BFA.

The proposed program is in the Gap Analysis section (1) of programs in the Programs of Strategic Emphasis (PSE) document. Demand for training in CIP code 50.0409, Graphic Design, is anticipated to continue and expand over the foreseeable future. Several key areas of rapid advancement exist in the industry, such as: user interface design (UI), user experience (UX), website development, augmented reality, digital publishing, and motion graphics.

For many years, our program has been omitted from State University System (SUS) website searches for graphic design programs because it was hidden in the concentration. With a new CIP code, the stand-alone BFA program will be much more visible to prospective first-time-in-college (FTIC) students searching for graphic design programs on the SUS website, thus increasing degree awareness and productivity, as well as program efficiency.

The Graphic Design and Digital Media faculty will use this opportunity to rewrite or update many of the courses that make up the major. The proposed program will incorporate new and emerging technologies, updated pedagogy in the discipline, and programmatic changes aimed at keeping students on track for timely graduation. With these updates, students will graduate from a highly successful, relevant and professional program, and the GDDM BFA will strengthen the quality and reputation of the Department of Art and Design.

No new resources will be required and the major will not exceed 120 credit hours.

(Bachelor of Fine Arts – Graphic Design and Digital Media Major Program Proposal Attachment)