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Agenda Item FA 20-05

Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee

Policies & Regulations Academic Affairs

Enrollment Services

02/06/20: Passed

02/06/20: Approved

Policies & Regulations Academic Affairs: Enrollment Services


To allow for the recognition of On Campus Transition (OCT) students who are receiving program completion certificates to participate in the Graduation Ceremonies with the rest of their peers during the Spring Commencement ceremony.


To establish procedures that will make the graduation ceremony as efficient and dignified as possible.


Graduation ceremonies will be held each semester and are coordinated through the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Depending on the number of students graduating, more than one ceremony may need to be held each semester.


  1. Associate in Arts degree recipients will not participate in the commencement ceremony.
  2. Only students who have applied and have been pre-certified as meeting degree requirements and students who have completed the On Campus Transition program may participate in the ceremony.
  3. Students' names will be announced individually at the ceremony. Latin honors recognition will be projected in accordance with the Latin Honors Policy. Honor cords will be issued prior to the ceremony. Latin Honors will be recognized in the commencement program.
  4. All platform participants and students graduating will be attired in the appropriate academic regalia. Master's candidates will wear their hoods with their caps and gowns during the ceremony. Doctoral candidates will be hooded on stage by their department/dissertation chair.
  5. The order of announcing degree awards will be from the smallest college to the largest, to discourage candidates and families from leaving the ceremony before all students have been announced.