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Agenda Item FA 19-66

Submitted by the Faculty Enhancement Committee

Learning Spaces Advisory Committee Bylaws Proposal

12/05/19: Passed

12/12/19: Approved

Learning Spaces Advisory Committee Bylaws Proposal


The name of this organization is the University of North Florida's Learning Spaces Advisory Committee.


The University of North Florida Learning Spaces Advisory Committee is advisory in nature. All committee recommendations will go directly to the University President or his/her designee.


The Learning Spaces Advisory Committee provides the university community with specific recommendations on projects that impact general purpose teaching and learning space management, upgrades to those spaces and development of new general use teaching and learning spaces. The committee will promote the use of effective integration of technology and pedagogy and how it is impacted by the physical learning spaces at the University of North Florida. Specific considerations by the committee will be given to universal design/ and universal design for learning (UD/UDL) to ensure accessibility, usability (e.g., actual condition, suitability, function, best use of space, etc.), innovation and promotion of the strategic plan and mission of the University. This may include formal input on various projects that impact the success of our students and providing the best possible learning environment to ensure this success.

Voting Members

Membership on the Committee consists of the following:

Elected representatives:
  • 6 Faculty members: 2 from COAS and 1 from each of the other colleges
  • 1 Faculty member from the library
Appointed on the basis of position:
  • Chair, University Space Committee or designee
  • Chair, Faculty Enhancement Committee or designee
  • Director of Campus Planning, Design, & Construction or designee
  • Director of ADA Office or designee
  • Director of Facilities Operation or designee
  • Director of Disability Resource Center or designee
  • Director of Environmental Health & Safety or designee
  • Director of IT Service Management or designee
  • Director of Academic Technology or designee
  • Director of Office of Faculty Enhancement or designee
  • Director of CIRT or designee

Elected representatives will serve a two-year term and may serve two consecutive terms only. In the case of an absence in an elected representative position, a replacement from the appropriate college will be appointed by the Faculty Association President. Each member of the committee shall have one (1) vote. There shall be no proxy voting. A simple majority of the voting members of the Learning Spaces Advisory Committee shall constitute a quorum.


The officers of the committee shall be a Chair and a Vice-Chair. The committee shall select its Chair and Vice-Chair to serve for one academic year prior to its first scheduled meeting at the start of the fall term. All committee members are eligible to serve. Either (or both) the Chair and/or Vice-Chair must be a full-time member of the faculty.


The Learning Spaces Advisory Committee will hold regular quarterly meetings. If the Chair and Vice-Chair agree than no significant agenda item requires the consideration of the committee, meetings can be cancelled. Likewise, if the Chair and Vice-Chair determine that the there is a matter requiring the committee consideration prior to the next quarterly meeting of the committee, they shall call a meeting of the committee.

Amendment of Bylaws

These bylaws will be reviewed annually by the committee and recommendations for changes forwarded to the President for approval.