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Agenda Item FA 19-61

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Coggin College of Business (Undergraduate) – (Economics & Marketing & Logistics):

New Courses, Course Changes, & Program of Study (3 packages)

12/05/19: Passed

01/07/20: Approved

Log Number: 201908-60

Economics - Undergraduate



Log Number: 201908-23

Marketing & Logistics - Undergraduate



Log Number: 201908-24

Marketing & Logistics - Undergraduate


Add a new concentration to an existing program

Bachelor of Business Admin. - Marketing Major

Concentration: Honors in Major in Marketing


Summary of the changes:

The department of Marketing and Logistics would like to add Honors in the Major: Marketing. We believe this would give important opportunity and recognition for our best students and supports the plans of the Hicks Honors College for upper division honors.


To earn Honors in the Major, students with an overall GPA or UNF GPA (whichever is higher) of 3.5 or higher may apply by the end of their junior year. If accepted into the program, students will need to be a member of an approved business club or society and complete the following requirements:

  • MAR3XXX Selected Topics in Honors in Marketing (3 credits)
  • Service requirements of at least 100 hours served, in an approved capacity
  • MAR4941: Internship in Marketing and Supply Chain Management (3 credits)

Students who complete these requirements will have Honors in the Major noted on the transcript. For further information please contact Dr. Andrew Thoeni, Email:


The proposed additional two courses (MAR3XXX Selected Topics in Honors in Marketing (3 credits) and MAR4941: Internship in Marketing and Supply Chain Management (3 credits)), necessitate removing two business courses from the "Required Business" category. This is important to keep their hours at 120 credits. It will also get the proposal to be more in line with other Majors in the College in terms of number of required business credits.


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