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Agenda Item FA 18-42

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Computing, Engineering, & Construction (Undergraduate) - (School of Engineering/Civil):

New Concentration & new course (1 package)

09/06/18: Passed

09/17/18: Approved

Log Number: 201801-79

School of Engineering/Civil Engineering


Add a new concentration to an existing program

Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering Major

Concentration: Coastal & Port Engineering


Summary of changes:

The department would like to add a new concentration titled Coastal and Port Engineering to the Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. This new concentration will also add one technical elective titled "CWR4XXX Oceanography/ Meteorology". This course has previously been taught as a special topics course. No additional resources will be needed. These courses are already being taught in rotation as part of the general Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.


Click here for the program of study: Log Number 201801-79