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Agenda Item FA 18-54

Submitted by the Executive Committee

Request: To Change the Name “Department of Communication” to “School of Communication”

10/04/18: Passed

02/05/19: Approved

03/14/19: UBOT

REQUEST: To change the name "Department of Communication" to "School of Communication"

Date: August 17, 2018

To: David Fenner, President, UNF Faculty Association

Gordon Rakita, Vice President, UNF Faculty Association

Elizabeth Gregg, Secretary, UNF Faculty Association

From: George Rainbolt, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Re: Proposal for Name Change for Department of Communication


Attached with this message you will find a memo dated July 3, 2018 from John Parmelee, the chair of the Department of Communication. This letter makes a request to change the name of this unit from "Department of Communication" to "School of Communication."


For the reasons outlined in Dr. Parmelee's memo, the College of Arts and Sciences supports this request. I believe that this name change will bring the UNF Communication in line with national norms, help recruit and retain students, and help graduates find employment. There may also be some positive development effects. Finally, it may help UNF recruit highly-qualified and diverse faculty.


So that all parties are clear about expectations, with this memo I explicitly enter into the Faculty Association records that the College's support for this request is conditional upon Communication's agreement that this change will not bring about any request for any increase in resources. I have discussed this matter with the Interim Provost, Pam Chally, and she concurs that this condition is required for support of this request. As noted in Dr. Parmelee's memo, the Communication faculty understand and agree to this condition.



Communication Department Proposal Name Change from Chair Parmelee

Communication Department Proposal Name Change Support Letters