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Agenda Item FA 18-53

Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee

Update to Closing the University During Emergency Conditions (Policy 14.0010P)

10/04/18: Passed

10/22/18: Approved

Update to Closing the University During Emergency Conditions (Policy 14.0010P)

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The Faculty Association Academic Standards Committee was approached by the Dr. Daniel Moon (Associate Vice President for Budgets and Personnel) regarding updating Policy 14.0010P (Closing the University During Emergency Conditions) to clarify that during emergency closures no quizzes or exams can be given and no assignments can be due (for all instructional modes).


The proposed addition and changes to the current policy were approved by the Academic Standards Committee. Removals are shown as strikethrough and additions are bolded and underlined.

Policies & Regulations



During emergencies it may be necessary to close all or parts of the University of North Florida campus to ensure the safety of University students and staff, as well as other individuals who may have occasion to be on the University of North Florida campus. This policy provides the authority to close the University under such circumstances.


In cases of emergencies or related conditions the President of the University shall have the authority to close all or portions of the University and its campus. In making such a decision the President will also determine particular groups of employees, if any, who should remain on campus to provide essential services. All other employees will be given paid administrative leave for the time-period during which the campus is closed.


Conditions adverse enough to result in campus-wide cancellation of classes are also likely to cause significant disruption to the lives of our students and their ability to access technology and course materials. Therefore, during emergency University closure, no quizzes or exams will be given, and no assignments will be due. This applies to online exams and assignments as well as those given face-to-face. The instructor will adjust the due dates or requirements to the next appropriate instructional day for on-campus assignments or calendar day for online assignments as outlined in the University matriculation calendar unless an exception is provided from the Board of Governors.


In consultation with key members of the UNF Crisis Management Team, the President will monitor emergency conditions, which may affect the safety of the University campus. When such conditions rise to the level where individuals on part or all of the campus may be put at danger, the President will notify the Campus Police, the Office of News and Publications Public Relations, and each of the divisions that report to the President's Office with a request that notifications be sent out about the closing of campus or a portion of the campus. The President's Office will notify the members of the University Board of Trustees, local agencies including other educational institutions, and the Division of Colleges and Universities of any such closing. To the degree possible, this notification should also include information on when the campus may reopen, or how this information will be conveyed to interested parties when a time for reopening the campus can be determined.


In addition, the President also has the authority to require particular groups of employees to remain on campus to help provide essential services. These employees will be notified by their supervisors of the need for them to remain on campus.