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Agenda Item FA 18-62

Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee

Update to University Holidays Policy (Faculty Handbook 11.20)

11/01/18: Passed

11/26/18: Approved

Update to University Holidays Policy (Faculty Handbook 11.20)



The Faculty Association Academic Standards Committee was approached by the Dr. Daniel Moon (Associate Vice President for Budgets and Personnel) regarding updating Faculty Handbook Policy 11.20 (University Holidays Policy) to clarify that no quizzes or exams can be given and no assignments can be due (for all instructional modes) on a University Holiday.


The proposed addition and changes to the current policy were approved by the Academic Standards Committee. Removals are shown as strikethrough and additions are bolded and underlined.

11.20 University Holidays


Whenever possible, holidays are scheduled to accompany a weekend. No classes are scheduled on holidays. Classes not held because of a holiday shall not be rescheduled on a different day. For online courses, no online quizzes or exams shall be given, and no assignments shall be due on University Holidays as listed in the matriculation calendar. Online quizzes and exams may be given and assignments may be due on other non-instructional days as designated on the university matriculation calendar.