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Agenda Item FA 18-58

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Coggin College of Business (Graduate):

New Course & Program of Study (1 package)

11/01/18: Passed

11/13/18: Approved

Log Number: 201801-16

Accounting & Finance-Graduate


Change a degree-major of an existing program

Master of Business Admin - General Business Major


Summary of the changes:

Create FIN 6xxx - Financial Modeling. Currently, students are taking FIN 6936 - Special Topics in Finance to take financial modeling, which is offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. There should be a separate course so that students do not have to take special topics to take this course.


This will be an elective graduate course. There is no change in the total credit hours for an MBA as a result of this course. There is no change in the POS because it is an elective and falls under the "Electives" heading in the attached, where courses are not individually listed but just indicated by prefix (i.e., FIN). Therefore, there is no change to the POS. I did not want to underline "FIN" because that would give the impression I'm trying to add it when it is already there.


Click here for the program of study: Log Number 20201801-16