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Agenda Item FA 19-32

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Education and Human Services (Undergraduate) – (Leadership, School Counseling, & Sport Management):

New Course, Course Change, & Program of Study (1 package)

05/09/19: Passed

05/23/19: Approved

Log Number: 201808-133

Leadership, School Counseling, & Sport Management - Undergraduate


Add a new minor

Learning Design & Technology Minor


Summary of the Changes:

Weare proposing to add a Learning Design & Technology minor (12 credits) to offer students across the university the opportunity to pursue a focused study of applied educational technology. This minor will benefit students in acquiring skills, developing a value for, and applying strategies for integration of educational technology and training. These skills and strategies may be applied in a variety of setting including corporate, non-profit, and educational/training situations. The minor will provide students with the foundational skills needed to successfully incorporate learning design in their major area of interest and future workplace. This minor will serve as an excellent value-added option for our diverse group of focused majors outside of teacher education and will contribute to the greater workforce in need of learning design skills. The minor will require students to take four classes, for the minor two classes already exist (one needing a name change), and three new classes created. The name change will be for the EME2040 (3 credits) and will change from Introduction to Technology for Educators to Introduction to Educational Technology for Learning Professionals. The three new courses to be created are: EME3xxx Technology Tools & Skills for Effective Communication (3 credits); EME3xxx Technology Tools & Skills for Effective Presentation (3 credits); and EME3xxx Designing for Learning Platforms (3 credits). The last class for the program is EME3044 Issues and Trends in Educational Technology (3 credits), is a special topics course that would be repeatable and could replace one or both of the other 3000 level courses but would only be offered once a year.


Click here for the program of study: Log Number 20201808-133