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Agenda Item FA 19-28 (2nd Reading)

Submitted by the Faculty Enhancement Committee

Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment Second Reading:

Faculty Enhancement Committee Charge Update Proposal

04/04/19: 1st Reading

05/09/19: 2nd Reading

Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: Second Reading

Faculty Enhancement Committee Charge Update Proposal

The committee voted to amend its charge to update its language clearly. The proposed changes are shown with strikethrough and underlining below.



The Faculty Enhancement Committee (FEC) shall review and recommend policies, procedures, and practices concerning activities that enhance and improve a faculty member'smembers' knowledge and skills with regard to his/hertheir duties in teaching, research, and service; and shall be advisory to the Faculty Enhancement Office, meeting regularly with itsthe Office's Director. The Committee shall consider the enhancement needs of both full-time faculty and adjuncts.