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Agenda Item FA 19-22

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Education and Human Services (Graduate) – (Foundations & Secondary Education):

Programs of Study (1package)

03/07/19: Passed

03/07/19: Approved

Log Number: 201808-122

Foundations & Secondary Education - Graduate


Change a degree-major of an existing program

Master of Arts in Teaching - Secondary Education Major


Summary of the changes:

This action will change courses within the existing Master of Arts in Teaching (Secondary Education) degree program and change the overall program from 36 to 30 credit hours.


Three extant courses-EDG 6607 Education in America (3 credits), RED 6546 Literacy Difficulties (3 credits) and TSL 6525 Cross-Cultural Communication and Knowledge (3 credits)-will be replaced by courses designed for teacher preparation candidates within the COEHS urban-based professional development school network: EDG 6687 Foundations of Multicultural and Urban Education (3 credits), RED 6334 Content Area Reading (3 credits) and TSL 6345 Methods of Teaching in ESOL and Bilingual Settings (3 credits).


Three additional extant courses- EDG 6407 Managing Effective Learning Environments (3 credits), EDF 6211 Advanced Educational Psychology (3 credits), and EDF 6442 Assessment in the Curriculum (3 credits) will be combined into two courses that already exist within the State University System: EDG 6415 Principles of Instruction and Classroom Management (3 credits) and EDF 6237 Principles of Learning and Introduction to Classroom Assessment (3 credits).


Lastly, to facilitate the change to 30 credit hours, EDG 6070 Teacher Thinking and Decision Making in School Settings (3 credits) has been removed from the program. Content from this course will be infused within ESE 6947 Professional Internship (3-6 credits).


These changes will facilitate a cohort delivery model and will allow program completion in one calendar year. This action will enable the department to better market the program to post-baccalaureate students and alternatively hired teachers who seek professional licensure. This change will also support a four-plus-one model for baccalaureate students from the College of Arts and Sciences (in particular within English, History, Math, and Biology/Chemistry/Physics degree programs).


No new resources are required for this POS change.


Click here for the program of study: Log Number 20201808-122)