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Agenda Item FA 19-20

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Coggin College of Business (Undergraduate) – (Marketing & Logistics):

Programs of Study (1 package)

03/07/19: Passed

03/08/19: Approved

Log Number: 201801-57

Marketing & Logistics - Undergraduate


Change a degree-major of an existing program

Bachelor of Business Administration -Transportation and Logistics Major


Summary of the changes:

Pre-approved TRA4956 Study Abroad in Logistics course taken during a Coggin exchange program (e.g., Coggin in Italy or Coggin in Uraguay) may count toward the Major Electives category in the degree program. The 'Coggin in' study abroad experience is designed to provide students the opportunity to study logistics and supply chain management in a global business context, offering an international and global trade perspective on business and specifically on logistics and supply chain management. Augmenting topics can include entrepreneurship, organization studies and firm performance. Students experience in-residence class, corporate business tours, and cultural tours in an international setting.


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